Street Style: Warrior princess

We love how fur collars easily blend with any style: from uptown sophisticate (here) to vintage chic (here). This Parisian Gladiatrix is wearing collar in a way I’ve never seen before… backwards!

Simply chic and stylish!

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Princess Jasmine with a fur caplet

If princess Jasmine went shopping in Paris, she would definitively wear Louis Vuitton head to toe, including the fur caplet. I love the pants as much as the fur. Raspberry and purple is a color combination I need to try before the end of the summer!

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Picture from StreetPeeper

Vintage Fox Stole Spotted on the Street

Perfect finger waves, bright red lipstick, and a stole complete with paws and all! This beautiful fox pelt completes the 1920’s styling. I love stoles that still have the little feet and faces attached, it adds a touch of whimsy and romance that is not often seen in a modern fur.

Image via The Sartorialist.