Fur quote: Olivier Theyskens

 Theysken’s Theory, Olivier Theyskens’ collection for New-York based label Theory, is probably my favorite fashion collaboration. I’ve been a fan of Theyskens since he was artistic director at Nica Ricci. Of course I was thrilled to see Elle magazine’s spread dedicated to the Fall 2011 collection, styled by Joe Zee, Kate Lanphear and other fashion editors and stylists.

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Theyskens’ Theory styled by Joe Zee (Elle USA)

“Knitted fur is so modern and light, it makes this retro shape cool again.”
—Olivier Theyskens

Knitted fur is not only light and warm, but it can be used all year round as a cardigan in the office or for a chilly night out. And knitted fur made of beaver is washable!! Low maintenance luxury, what’s not to love about that?!

Olivier Theysken, you are a wise man!

Image from Elle.com

7 thoughts on “Fur quote: Olivier Theyskens

  1. Sociopaths often practice their cruelty on small, defenseless animals before turing upon their fellow humans. What must have happened to you that you behave in this way? I am sad for this ugliness in your soul. Do you have compassion for other life?

    • I have compassion for life, which is why I wear fur. I want something sustainable, biodegradable, and long lasting. It is better to kill a few mink for a coat that will last 30 years than it is to pollute the earth to make those ugly fleeces and synthetic fabrics you probably wear.

      • FYI, I’ve had a synthetic jacket that looks like suede last me about 12 years now.  It still looks as good as new, it’s not tacky nor is it ugly.  In fact, I get complimented on it most times I wear it.  Your argument that an “authentic” fur coat lasts as long as a “synthetic” material is false and reads like you’re attempting to justify taking part in an ugly industry.  Also, The fur industry is not sustainable nor are fur coats biodegradable.  http://furbearerdefenders.com/resources/fur-not-green

  2. ‘And knitted fur made of beaver is washable!! Low maintenance luxury, what’s not to love about that?!’-  uggghh this makes me sick.

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