When a fantasy comes true…


vintage picture, vintage raccoon fur coat, vintage fur, remodelling grandma's fur coat

This is what a vintage raccoon fur coat looks like

My great grandmother’s coat will meet today’s fashion and designers– it won’t look bulky and heavy anymore folks! Something significant is going to happen when it’s complete transformation occurs–I will be contributing to my family’s heritage for generations to come. I can only imagine what my daughter is going to say when she sees the coat for the very first time. Hopefully she will say something like” Nice! My mother was hip and had a sense of style!” I would be extremely proud and this adds some pressure to do this right!

musi, jean crisan, lynx fur, sheared beaver, naffem, fur on the runway

A mix of sheared and long-haired furs for a feminine silhouette

There are three characteristics that are going to make this coat a winner– a timeless style, practicality and coverage. When I look at my re-styled coat for the first time I want to say ” Wow! It’s gorgeous, it will make my curvy silhouette look elegant and feminine. My pockets are just the right size for my iPhone and keys! Look at it’s amazing, soft, warm and reversible hood! By the looks of it, it’s going to cover all the right body parts.” I’ll know then and there that it’s transformation was a complete success.

abbey lee, fur photoshoot, fur hood, chanel fur

A giant hood is a must to survive a big chill!

But before any of this can take place we need to address one more issue–who is going to make my fantasy a reality? Who is going to play my fairy godmother and turn a thirty year old fur coat into a wonderful and magical possession? My prayers were answered when I immediately connected with  Marie-Victorin’s 2011 Collection. At College Marie-Victorin Gala, I fell in love with the upcoming designer’s fur creations. Make no mistake, a mentor such as Martin Faucher which contributed at the Gala will become an asset for my kind of fairy-tale ending!

Vintage picture of the couple in raccoon coats from here
Runway picture from naffem.com
Abbey Lee picture from FashionGoneRogue.com

Vintage Fox Stole Spotted on the Street

Perfect finger waves, bright red lipstick, and a stole complete with paws and all! This beautiful fox pelt completes the 1920’s styling. I love stoles that still have the little feet and faces attached, it adds a touch of whimsy and romance that is not often seen in a modern fur.

Image via The Sartorialist.

Fur Lovers Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen Stand Up for Their Right to Wear Fur

Olsen Twins in Gorgeous Fur

Depending on what celebrity rag you’re currently reading and what day of the week it is, Mary Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen are either being praised for their unique personal style, or condemned for wearing strange combinations and unflattering proportions. However, there is no denying that the pair can rock a gorgeous fur.

The twins have been a huge target of PETA for several years, facing angry mobs at book signings, on the street, and many online smear campaigns. None of this dreadful behaviour on PETA’s part, however, has discouraged the Olsen’s decisions to wear fur. They stick to what they believe and instead of retaliating in any way, simply refuse to acknowledge these ignorant threats. Not many celebrities can do this: there are several instances of celebrities being publicly attacked for wearing fur, and they immediately stop (for some great articles on such celebrities, check out our “fur hypocrite” posts). Mary Kate and Ashley have showed no signs of giving in to the pressure: Mary Kate was even featured on the cover of Marie Claire’s September issue, and the photos inside feature her in lovely fur garments.

Mary Kate in Marie Claire

Mary Kate and Ashley also include a healthy amount of fur in their collaborative luxury brand, The Row. The collection is primarily designed by the twins, with the help of specialist furriers, handbag designers, and leather makers. The brand is designed in New York and made primarily in the USA, with an importance put on ethically and locally sourcing all materials possible. The pair have managed to put out some beautiful, classic collections in the past 4 years, bringing the Row (named after Savile Row in London) to a higher standard of celebrity-turned-designer wear. This season’s collection includes beautiful fur coats and hats paired with simple, elegant tailoring that is reflective of the twins personal style, on their better days.

The Row Pre-Fall 2011

More looks from the Row to come!

To read more about The Row, check out this great article on Vogue.com
Photos of the Olsen twins courtesy of The Daily Mail.
Marie Claire Editorial from Lela London.
The Row photos from Vogue.com

100 Days of Fur: Day 100!

I have completed my experiment! Every day, for the past 100 days, I have worn a piece of fur. I have been out to prove that wearing fur on the street is both safe, fashionable, and warm. Throughout the past 100 days, I have worn fur scarves, stoles, hats, bags, jackets, coats, and I’ve dangled fox tails from my handbags. Not a single furry garment generated a negative comment or a dirty look. Anyone who tells you that you’ll have blood thrown on you or you will be spat on if you wear fur, is absolutely wrong.

My experiment was primarily on the streets of Vancouver, but I also went to Montreal with my fur (no problem there, the Quebecois love fur) and I wore fur at London Fashion Week. I thought the highest risk of negativity would be in London, as the British are the most anti-fur of the European countries. But my doubts were quashed as I found myself not only surrounded by other fur-wearing folk, but attending shows and viewing collections with tons of fur.

A blurry photo taken in a rush on the way to work! Day 100.

So what have I learnt? Fur is warm. Fur makes me feel glamourous. Fur is cosy. Fur can sometimes be delicate. My dog loves fur. I want more fur.

And how has the experiment changed me? Moving forward, I will definitely be wearing more fur in the winter. And if I could afford it, I’d be wearing the Prada fox stoles every day this summer too…

I’d like to thank the companies who have supported this experiment, particularly Trend Furs, Starlight Furs, Pappas Furs, the Fur Council of Canada, and to Steve in Toronto.

To read the full story on the 100 Days of Fur experiment, click here.

100 Days of Fur: Day 97

To read the full story on the 100 Days of Fur experiment, click here.

The experiment is coming to an end soon, and so far, I have nothing to report. Well, there is of course a lot to report, but nothing negative. In the past 97 days, I have not had one single negative reaction to my wearing fur everyday on the street. This, and the fact that fur definitely seems to be making a comeback on the catwalks, leads me to believe that it is becoming more acceptable and less shocking to wear fur. Yay! I will do a full reflection on this at the end of the experiment.

London fashion week, as I mentioned a few days ago, had an abundance of fur, not only on the catwalks, but also on the streets. In fact, I was in East London’s Spitalfield’s market yesterday, and there seemed to be much more vintage fur on sale than usual. I’ve been wearing my red fox stole or muskrat jacket everyday, and have had nothing but positive reactions. (In fact, I think my muskrat coat may be a bit of man-magnet. I have had several men, in Vancouver and London, stop me in my tracks and compliment me on the muskrat coat. It is strange, as this is the only one that seems to get this reaction. And most of them were nice looking guys too… This experiment is more fun than I thought!)

I visited the London fashion week exhibition on Tuesday, to see some of the designer’s collections up close, and I was surprised that even the very small, new brands seem to be adding fur to their collections.

Here is are some photos of David Koma‘s autumn winter 2011 collection. The sales guy told me it was wolf, which I found surprising as it looks like fox. He was quickly corrected by the other rep, who confirmed it was indeed fox! The bright coloured pompoms are very cute.
David Koma, fox fur, London fashion week, young designers, fur pom pomDavid Koma, fox fur, London fashion week, young designers, fur pom pomDavid Koma, fox fur, London fashion week, young designers, fur pom pomDavid Koma, fox fur, London fashion week, young designers, fur pom pom

Holly Fulton‘s autumn winter collection featured some very beautiful fur appliques, I love how this dress featured petals of ponyskin and tufts of fur.
Holly Fulton, fur, London fashion week, young designers, fur appliqueHolly Fulton, fur, London fashion week, young designers, fur applique

And the fur trims on these dresses add great volume. I love the pearl details too!
Holly Fulton, fur, London fashion week, young designers, fur appliqueHolly Fulton, fur, London fashion week, young designers, fur appliqueHolly Fulton, fur, London fashion week, young designers, fur applique