Fur Quote: Get Ready for Things to Heat up

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Left, Fendi Autumn Winter 2011 and right, Gucci, Autumn Winter 2011.

“(The catwalk designers) did their due diligence, they are satisfied with their (fur) suppliers, the ethical questions were asked and answered. Get ready for things to heat up, in every sense of the word.”

– Vanessa Friedman (from her article about the large amount of furs on the Milan Autumn Winter 2011 catwalks.)

Images from Style.com.

100 Days of Fur: Day 92

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I am in London for fashion week, and to be honest, I was a bit scared of wearing fur. The British are known for their anti-fur stances, even British Vogue refuses to put any fur items in their magazine, unless they are animals we consume as food (clearly they are complete hypocrites, something to discuss another day.) But when I turned up at my first show on Friday night, I couldn’t believe how many people were wearing fur. It was everywhere!

It was so good to see that the young and fashionable are piling on the fur, there has clearly been a shift in the past few years (and this was confirmed to me by the creative director at Hockley, the British fur brand, more on this later) and it seems that consumers are more willing to invest in fur. It seems the green argument is winning them over, as well as their realisation that it is hypocritical to wear leather and be against fur.

Here are a few photos I took, but this is only a fraction of the beautiful fur I am seeing every day here in London! And by the way, I’ve brought a few scarves, my fox stole, and my muskrat jacket (from Trend Furs, thank you again!), and I’ve had nothing but compliments from the people of London!

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Daria Werbowy, Venus in Furs

Daria Werbowy, canadian top model, Venus in furs, fur, V magazine, editorial, black and white pictures, fashion pictures

A mix of silver and black fox to show off those legs!

Canadian supermodel Daria Werbowy is a real goddess in this editorial for V magazine (shot by Nathaniel Goldberg.) These pictures combine my favorite things: black and white photography, a Canadian top model and fur. Just imagine the fun they had shooting these images!

Daria Werbowy, W magazine, fur, editorials, Venus in furs

I love the movement on this picture

Daria Werbowy, V magazine, fur, editorials, Venus in furs

Mink (I think) with laser-cuts to create diamond shapes

 This great coat is a good example of the fun designers are having experimenting with fur. This looks like a mink coat to me (it’s hard to be 100% sure with pictures). Designers can now create a wide variety of effects with laser-cut, carving and grooving.

Daria Werbowy, Venus in Furs, V magazine, fur, editorials

The best close-up ever

Daria Werbowy, Venus in furs, editorial, V magazine, fur

THe most beautiful smile! This is how my fur coat makes me feel too!

Daria Werbowy, canadian top model, Venus in furs, fur, V magazine, editorial, black and white pictures, fashion pictures

Chinchilla, one of the most luxurious fur one can desire

Daria Werbowy, canadian top model, Venus in furs, fur, V magazine, editorial, black and white pictures, fashion pictures

Is it a blanket? I would definitively sleep in that!

 Images from Fashion Gone Rogue

Fur Tips: How to Store a Fur Coat

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In an ideal world, fur coats are stored with furriers. A good furrier will have a storage facility which is kept at 16 degrees and 40% humidity, which is the ideal conditions to preserve furs (this has been scientifically proven.) Fur coats should be stored professionally in the summer months, and can be kept at home in the winter, or can simply be taken out of storage when needed.

It is usually not worth it to professionally storing vintage furs, anything over 20 years old, as the fur will be nearing end of life. Walter, the master furrier at Papaps Furs, told me that beaver, fox, and water animals tend to stay in good condition for 20-25 years, and mink, persian lamb, marten, and any other cats (ex. lynx) can last about 30 years. Any pieces older than this should be worn and enjoyed, but know that they are, well, senior citizens in the fur world.

If you are really concerned with preserving your fur, particularly if it is expensive, it is worth it to store. Storage often costs around $100 a year, which is the price of about one coffee per week…well worth it for a great investment piece, isn’t it?

But if you are like me, and you have a collection of mostly vintage furs that aren’t valuable enough to store professionally, then here are some tips on how to store your furs at home.

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Of course it is near to impossible to create conditions that ensure a constant 16 degree temperature and 40% humidity in your home closet, so here are a few tips that can help you in storing your furs so that they have a long lifespan.

  • Walter says that it is more likely that the conditions in a home are too humid, rather than too dry. Avoid storing furs in a basement, where it can be quite moist. Too much humidity can result in a mouldy lining.
  • Ideally you want to store the furs in a place where there is no direct sunlight, and not too much heat. Walter suggests a bedroom, providing you don’t keep yours too warm.
  • The furs need to hang freely, don’t try to stuff too many in a closet. They need space! And use a proper hanger, hang the coat by its shoulders.
  • If you don’t use them frequently, or during the summer months, cover your furs with cotton garment bags or cotton sheets, not plastic (the fur needs to breathe!)

If you decide to store your furs professionally, Walter suggest you ask the furrier them how they store. He says a few furriers will just stick the furs in a back room, and charge you, even though it is the same conditions you’d create at home. Make sure the storage is 16 degrees and 40% humidity. Ask to see the storage area, I’ve been into the one at Pappas several times, there shouldn’t be anything to hide if you just want to have a peek to see if the conditions are good.

Thanks to Walter from Pappas Furs, who kindly supplied me with this useful information.