Fair Fur at Todd Lynn

Todd Lynn, Saga Furs, fox, mink, autumn winter 2011

Todd Lynn's Autumn Winter 2011 collection features furs from Saga Furs.

Todd Lynn featured some very beautiful furs in his Autumn Winter 2011 collection. The Canadian designer, who is based in London, has a very “open” relationship with the fur industry. He collaborates with Saga Furs for his collections, and is very clear about his reasons for using fur:

“I am very careful about where my products come from. I work with Saga fur – it comes from Finland, they have a vested interest in proper product and breeding, and the animals have to be treated properly. I’m not a heartless person, but for those of us who work in high-end fashion, there are certain things we need to use. Fur is something my clients want. You make the choice. We don’t do a lot of it – it’s just part of the collection, the way leather is.” -Todd Lynn

If only more designers would take this approach.

Todd Lynn, Saga Furs, fox, mink, autumn winter 2011

Saga Furs provided Faun Light Fox and Mink for Todd Lynn's AW11 collection.

Images from Style.com.

Vintage Fur jacket GIVEAWAY!

100 days of fur was a personnal experiment and it has been a great opportunity to learn a lot about different fur types and styles. I received great support from the fur industry, which was wonderful because I had thousands of questions (thank you again Beautifully Canadian, Fur Council of Canada and Pappas Furs). I also want to give special thanks to Theo from Trend Furs who sent me a special package all the way from Germany: a box full of vintage furs, including a beautiful jacket that I wore at London Fashion Week. Also thanks to Steven Goodman, in Toronto, who also sent me some fabulous vintage to round out my wardrobe!

I want to share the generosity with my readers so I saved this coat for a GIVEAWAY!

After asking around, we came to the conclusion that this coat is made from mink pieces — the parts cut off when the original coat was trimmed to the pattern. The oval shapes create a beautiful effect. The pictures don’t do it justice, the fur is really lustrous, light brown with golden tones, in great condition for a vintage piece. The lining was worn, so my friends at Beautifully Canadian asked Montreal designer Minos at Jean Crisan Furs to change it. The jacket fits a size 8 or 10 US, but as you can see in the photo, it can be belted to fit smaller, and can probably work on a size 12 too!

Here is your chance to be the proud owner of a vintage fur coat! Easy steps to enter the giveaway:
– Follow us on FaceBook and Twitter
– Leave a comment on this post!
– Winner will be chosen at random.
– Contest ends Friday, April 8th.

(The winner will be contacted via the email you use for the comments form)

Good luck!

Total Luxe: Loewe Made to Order

Loewe, fur coats, luxury furs, made to measure, fox, feathers

Fox and feather coat.

These made-to-order leather and fur pieces from Spanish luxury brand Loewe are to die for! I am especially in love with the pieces that combine fur and feathers. Featuring model Alessandra Ambrosio.

Loewe, fur coats, luxury furs, made to measure, mink coat

Gradient mink coat with leather belt.

Loewe, fur coats, luxury furs, made to measure, finn racoon

Napa Icon half coat with detachable finn racoon.

Loewe, fur coats, luxury furs, made to measure, fox, feathers

Fox and feathers jacket.

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Fur Hypocrite: Alexandra Shulman and British Vogue

The first in our “Fur Hypocrite” series, this post features British Vogue and its editor in chief, Alexandra Shulman. I took a look at their “no fur” policy, and found some very interesting…hypocrisies.

Kate Moss, British Vogue's most used cover star, wearing fur.

I was quite surprised to hear that British Vogue had a “no fur” policy for their magazine, considering fur plays a huge role in the luxury fashion world. Alexandra Shulman, editor of British Vogue, claimed in a Telegraph interview earlier this year “We have a no-fur policy, but the odd cuff and collar creep in.” Creep in? Either you have an anti-fur policy, or you don’t.

However, in an interview for the Guardian, Shulman claims “I wear the odd piece of fur; I don’t have strong personal feelings against it, but I would feel uncomfortable swathed in a mink coat. It would seem unnecessary, ostentatious and somewhat unfeeling, though I can’t explain it more than that.” Can’t explain it? Wow, that’s pretty articulate for a Vogue editor.

Prada, fox fur, fashion advertising

Prada's spring summer 2011 campaign, featuring fur. British Vogue are happy to take their advertising dollars, isn't that a bit hypocritical?

The article continues to explain “Shulman says that, ‘broadly speaking’, British Vogue does not feature fur, other than fur advertising, which is not in her remit. ‘However, there is an element of common sense to my policy on this which dictates that since we are there to report on fashion trends, if those trends include fur we will, for instance, show catwalk images that include fur. We do carry some skins like sheepskin, and occasionally a fur trim creeps in.'”

I find it incredibly hypocritical that British Vogue would have a so-called “no fur” policy in order to satisfy their animal activist readers, while still including catwalk images that feature fur, to satisfy their advertisers.  Shulman should really do some research into the fur industry, and make an educated statement, rather than “not being able to explain it.” On top of that, she admits she wear fur herself, but it isn’t good enough for her magazine? You can’t have you cake and eat it, Alexandra. Either take a stance against or for fur, by learning some facts. But don’t sit on the fence with a hypocritical policy like this.

Kate Moss image source.

Brand Profile: Hockley

Hockley, fox fur, muskrat, squirrel fur

Hockley AW11: Left, grey wool parka with squirrel lining & fox trim. Right, golden aqua musquash & fox coat with detachable bolero.

During my trip to London for fashion week, I visited the Hockley store and showroom, a very old, traditional London furrier who launched their own label in 2007. Their creative director, Izzet Irs, showed me their beautiful autumn winter 2011 collection.

Hockley, mink coat, mink

Hockley AW11: Left, reverisble navy mink coat with neoprene lining. Right, brown multi-colour mink coat wiht reflective inserts.

Irs explained to me that he wanted to design a brand, not a fur brand, and his intentions have been very well-received. Harrods, the famous London department store, sells Hockley in their womenswear department, not in their fur department.

Hockley, knitwear, mink, fox

Hockley AW11: Left, silver ash mink & fox layered on jersey coat. Right, silver ash punched mink & knit jacket.

For autumn winter 2011, Irs wanted to make a collection that was almost all reversible, which meant a lot of wool coats lined in fur and knit pieces that could be worn inside out. He worked with a lot of fox, chinchilla, rex rabbit, and mink, and kept the colour palette very neutral, featuring grey, silver, taupe, and navy, and the result is a very modern, beautiful, desirable outerwear collection.

Hockley, knitted fur, chinchilla, fox, squirrel fur

Hockley AW11: Left, grey wool parka with squirrel lining and fox trim. Right, dusty grey knitted chinchilla & fox jacket.

Click here for the rest of the Hockley AW11 collection

Brand Feature: Venetian Decor

fur, furniture, vintage fur, home furnishing, fur in the home

A vintage fur stool, from Venetian Decor.

Here’s a short interview with Pamela Beattie, the founder of Venetian Decor, a Canadian home accessories brand best known for its use of vintage fur.

Yasmine: How did you get started in this business?

Pamela: Fashion and decor were part of my history, my great aunts were seamstresses, and one had a boutique in Oakridge, and always loved french furniture and fur and vintage brooches. I wanted to make something different, and knew there were so many people who had old fur coats that were hidden somewhere in an attic. I also wanted to capture something that related to the heritage of our country.

Fur in the home, recycled fur, vintage fur, fur furniture

Bolster pillows

Yasmine: What are your most popular items?

Pamela: I like to work with clients who have vintage fur pieces and design a piece that can be passed down. I recently met  a woman who inherited a dark mink coat and wanted to have a stool made for her daughter. I ordered the frame in (all our furniture frames come from Italy) If you have have any vintage brooches or jewelry, I can combine them into the stool. I finished the stool 3 days before Christmas, and when I delivered it, the woman nearly began to cry. That is what I am trying to capture and create for people, memories they can keep in their homes.

Fur in the home, recycled fur, vintage fur, fur furniture

Yasmine: Do you work with new fur?

Pamela: The furs for the collection all come from Montreal and they are all vintage. They need to be high quality furs, which can’t be deteriorated, if not the products will not have a long life.

Yasmine: You do custom and you have a ready-made collection, which includes lots of chairs and stools and pillows, what else does Venetian Decor sell?

Pamela: I am working on a smaller boutique line, one key item will be eyemasks, with sheared beaver on the inside and Italian leather on the outside.

Fur in the home, recycled fur, vintage fur, fur furniture

Yasmine: Do you make everything yourself, here in British Columbia?

Pamela: I have a few seamstresses, but it is a small business, so I like doing the hands on. I do most of the work myself.

Yasmine: What’s your background? Have you made furniture before Venetian Decor?

Pamela: I was taken under the wing of a professional upholsterers and worked with him for 2 years before starting Venetian Decor.

Fur in the home, recycled fur, vintage fur, fur furniture

Venetian Decor does ship internationally, contact Pamela through their website.