Exctied for Fall Furs

While summer has barely begun, we can’t help but start getting excited for the fall winter collections. Especially since it means we can start wearing fur again. Here are two of our favourite fur cameos in the summer magazines.

Hilary Rhoda, fashion magazines, fur in the magazines, fur in the press

Hilary Rhoda photographed by Lachlan Bailey in Harper's Bazaar.

Leighton Meester, fashion magazines, fur in the press, celebrities in fur

Leighton Meester photographed by Alexey Yurenev for L’Officiel China.

Images from Fashion Gone Rogue.

Terry Richardson and The Olsen’s Fab Fur

Terry Richardson, Fur, Mary Kate, Ashley, Olsen Twins
Wouldn’t it be great to have a peek in the closets of these twins? So many gorgeous furs and no shortage of places to wear them! Here the girls are photographed by the very talented and quirky Terry Richardson in his New York studio.

Terry Richardson, Fur, Mary Kate, Ashley, Olsen Twins

Terry Richardson, Fur, Mary Kate, Ashley, Olsen Twins

Big sunglasses and luxe fur. The Olsen twins could have invented this look.

Terry Richardson, Fur, Mary Kate, Ashley, Olsen Twins

Mary-Kate and Terry swapping spectacles

Images from Terry’s Diary.

Fur Lovers Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen Stand Up for Their Right to Wear Fur

Olsen Twins in Gorgeous Fur

Depending on what celebrity rag you’re currently reading and what day of the week it is, Mary Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen are either being praised for their unique personal style, or condemned for wearing strange combinations and unflattering proportions. However, there is no denying that the pair can rock a gorgeous fur.

The twins have been a huge target of PETA for several years, facing angry mobs at book signings, on the street, and many online smear campaigns. None of this dreadful behaviour on PETA’s part, however, has discouraged the Olsen’s decisions to wear fur. They stick to what they believe and instead of retaliating in any way, simply refuse to acknowledge these ignorant threats. Not many celebrities can do this: there are several instances of celebrities being publicly attacked for wearing fur, and they immediately stop (for some great articles on such celebrities, check out our “fur hypocrite” posts). Mary Kate and Ashley have showed no signs of giving in to the pressure: Mary Kate was even featured on the cover of Marie Claire’s September issue, and the photos inside feature her in lovely fur garments.

Mary Kate in Marie Claire

Mary Kate and Ashley also include a healthy amount of fur in their collaborative luxury brand, The Row. The collection is primarily designed by the twins, with the help of specialist furriers, handbag designers, and leather makers. The brand is designed in New York and made primarily in the USA, with an importance put on ethically and locally sourcing all materials possible. The pair have managed to put out some beautiful, classic collections in the past 4 years, bringing the Row (named after Savile Row in London) to a higher standard of celebrity-turned-designer wear. This season’s collection includes beautiful fur coats and hats paired with simple, elegant tailoring that is reflective of the twins personal style, on their better days.

The Row Pre-Fall 2011

More looks from the Row to come!

To read more about The Row, check out this great article on Vogue.com
Photos of the Olsen twins courtesy of The Daily Mail.
Marie Claire Editorial from Lela London.
The Row photos from Vogue.com

100 Days of Fur: Day 92

To read the full story on the 100 Days of Fur experiment, click here.

I am in London for fashion week, and to be honest, I was a bit scared of wearing fur. The British are known for their anti-fur stances, even British Vogue refuses to put any fur items in their magazine, unless they are animals we consume as food (clearly they are complete hypocrites, something to discuss another day.) But when I turned up at my first show on Friday night, I couldn’t believe how many people were wearing fur. It was everywhere!

It was so good to see that the young and fashionable are piling on the fur, there has clearly been a shift in the past few years (and this was confirmed to me by the creative director at Hockley, the British fur brand, more on this later) and it seems that consumers are more willing to invest in fur. It seems the green argument is winning them over, as well as their realisation that it is hypocritical to wear leather and be against fur.

Here are a few photos I took, but this is only a fraction of the beautiful fur I am seeing every day here in London! And by the way, I’ve brought a few scarves, my fox stole, and my muskrat jacket (from Trend Furs, thank you again!), and I’ve had nothing but compliments from the people of London!

fur, London Fashion Week, streetstylefur, London Fashion Week, streetstylefur, London Fashion Week, streetstylefur, London Fashion Week, streetstyle

Fur Lover: Joanna Hillman

I really love outfit bloggers, I follow a couple of them to inspire me to have fun with clothes. My favorite posts with fur is when the blogger wears it with a simple outfit (jeans & T-shirt), nothing over the top, just your casual girl. I love how fur is now going street style and worn with a very relaxed style — very different from the full length mink coats I saw half of the women wearing in Quebec city last week-end!

So I decided that I would share the best outfit posts with fur to inspire you to wear your fur pieces. Last week, I was on Harper’s Bazaar website when I saw this new blog: “Joanna’s Wardrobe Diaries: 30 days of Style.” Joanna Hillman is Harper’s Bazaar senior fashion market editor and I’ve got to say that I love the variety of colors, textures and heels in her wardrobe!

Accessories: Helmut Lang fur collar and Anne Dee Goldin fur hat

Fur accessories is a small luxury every girl should have: it’s the fastest and most economical way to give an edge to your style of the day. The Helmut Lang fur collar is simply decadent, it’s just perfect for the chic outfit! But if you are going for a more urban look, the trapper hat is a must have. I see it everywhere here in Montreal, the bigger the fur, the better!

Escada Mongolian scarf & Adrienne Landau printed fur vest

The long Mongolian lamb scarf from Escada is so unexpected for that dress; that’s why it’s my favorite look so far. Mongolian lamb will add a unique texture to anything and it’s so soft and curly that you’ll instantly fall in love with it! But I’m also a big fan of fur vests and that leopard print rabbit vest from Adrienne Landau is adorable (there is also a matching beret!) Leopard print is one of the strongest trends of the season and I promise that a vest like that will keep you warm in style!

What’s your favorite outfit from Joanna’s Wardrobe Diaries?