100 Days of Fur: Day 72

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Rebecca Tay is taking over the experiment and wearing fur for 8 days while Yasmine is in Hawaii

While Yasmine is getting her sun on in Hawaii (lucky lady), I’m stuck here in Vancouver, where winter apparently lasts forever and the sun has decided to go into permanent retirement. Thank goodness for an interesting project!

My name is Rebecca Tay and I’m the former western editor at FASHION Magazine. Those who know me know that I love fashion, especially when it means getting dressed up, putting on ridiculous heels and bright red lipstick, and finishing with a fabulous topper—a fur one, if possible.

Rebecca Tay, fur coat, rabbit furWhen Yasmine first told me about the 100 Days of Fur two months ago, I thought it was a fantastic idea. You can imagine my surprise, then, when the time came to start my 8-day stint and I became suddenly apprehensive. What if this was, finally, the instance someone would take it upon themselves to hurl a can of bright red paint at me whilst screaming bloody murder? Uh-oh.

Alas, Saturday was my first day, and it was uneventful. Actually, that’s not true. I dove into the experiment by wearing a bright white, super-soft rabbit fur coat to brunch in Crosstown, to go shopping on Main Street, to do some errands on Davie Street, and, a few hours later, to dinner and dancing in Chinatown.Nowhere was I given a dirty look (that I noticed, anyway). Nowhere did someone stop me and say, “how dare you”. In fact, nowhere did I feel anything less than fabulous! At one point, a sales representative in a store on Davie said she loved my jacket, “especially since not everyone can wear fur.” I thanked her and thought to myself, maybe that’s because no one ever really tries to wear fur!

The best part of the day, though, came after dinner, when we headed to a gay club night at the Cobalt Motor Hotel. There, my fur coat made me the most popular girl in the club (sure, there weren’t that many girls there, but I can assure you, none of them were wearing a jacket as fabulous as mine). Lesson of Day 1: wear fur to gay clubs.

Days 2 and 3 have also been extremely uneventful: besides getting a few stares (though honestly, I think that was because I was walking along the Seawall wearing a gigantic fur scarf with Converse), I didn’t get any comments, abusive or otherwise. Instead, I’ve been warm—I’m one of those people who, without fail, leaves the house on the coldest day of the year wearing a spring jacket and no gloves—I’ve felt stylish, and, bottom line, I’m starting to like this experiment.

Rebecca Tay

*You can follow Rebecca’s experiences wearing fur here, and through her Twitter account


100 Days of Fur: Day 3

I was planning on easing myself into this experiment slowly, starting with some safer pieces and moving to the larger and more over-the-top fur jackets later in the experiment, but on Monday it was freezing in Vancouver (-7℃ is very cold for us West Coasters!) so I decided to wear my big white rabbit jacket, which is probably my most over-the-top fur piece after my fox skins. You can’t tell in this photo, but it has quite big 80’s style shoulders.

I went to work downtown, and during my work day popped into various coffee shops, and a few clothing stores (oops) and no one said anything about my jacket, nor did I get any dirty looks. A few colleagues asked me if the jacket was real fur, and when I confirmed it was, they then proceeded to envy me, as I was quite warm in my lovely fur jacket while their synthetics were not doing the job.

But I am going to be honest in this experiment, so I will need to write about two issues I am struggling with. The first one is the fact that I am leaving a trail of fur everywhere I go. My car is covered in stray hairs. I don’t know if this is because all of my furs are vintage, but it is quite annoying. I am now armed with a lint remover at all times (and will look into the cause and possible solutions to this problem.)

The other problem I am having is that with my Day 1 and Day 3 jackets, which are all entirely in fur, I am somewhat limited with my choice of handbags. I like bags that fit on my shoulder, but I know if I carry heavy bags on my shoulder, the straps will rub against the fur and damage it. So I am carrying everything in my hand. That is definitely something to think about when purchasing fur, as I have already ruined a rabbit bomber jacket by carrying bags in the same place on the shoulder, it is now bare of hair.

Other than those two issues, I am truly enjoying being warm in my fur, and am planning on looking into buying another piece very soon, preferably something black so that if it does shed at all, the hairs will blend into my mostly black wardrobe.

To read the full story on the 100 Days of Fur experiment, click here.