100 Days of Fur: Day 100!

I have completed my experiment! Every day, for the past 100 days, I have worn a piece of fur. I have been out to prove that wearing fur on the street is both safe, fashionable, and warm. Throughout the past 100 days, I have worn fur scarves, stoles, hats, bags, jackets, coats, and I’ve dangled fox tails from my handbags. Not a single furry garment generated a negative comment or a dirty look. Anyone who tells you that you’ll have blood thrown on you or you will be spat on if you wear fur, is absolutely wrong.

My experiment was primarily on the streets of Vancouver, but I also went to Montreal with my fur (no problem there, the Quebecois love fur) and I wore fur at London Fashion Week. I thought the highest risk of negativity would be in London, as the British are the most anti-fur of the European countries. But my doubts were quashed as I found myself not only surrounded by other fur-wearing folk, but attending shows and viewing collections with tons of fur.

A blurry photo taken in a rush on the way to work! Day 100.

So what have I learnt? Fur is warm. Fur makes me feel glamourous. Fur is cosy. Fur can sometimes be delicate. My dog loves fur. I want more fur.

And how has the experiment changed me? Moving forward, I will definitely be wearing more fur in the winter. And if I could afford it, I’d be wearing the Prada fox stoles every day this summer too…

I’d like to thank the companies who have supported this experiment, particularly Trend Furs, Starlight Furs, Pappas Furs, the Fur Council of Canada, and to Steve in Toronto.

To read the full story on the 100 Days of Fur experiment, click here.

100 Days of Fur: Day 79

To read the full story on the 100 Days of Fur experiment, click here.
Rebecca Tay is taking over the experiment and wearing fur for 8 days while Yasmine is in Hawaii    

Even though my experiment with fur is over, I have to admit that it doesn’t really feel like anything is changing. Sure, I wore something furry everyday for 8 days, but it’s not like anyone even noticed. Sad face.    

Danier, fur hat, knitted fur,

Danier fur toque. Image http://www.danier.com

Seriously, I think the biggest realizations were my own: I noticed how warm fur really is—and how much happier you are when it’s a million degrees below zero (or feels like it, anyway) and you’re warm and cozy. I also noticed how “cool” I felt wearing a statement-making fur piece: it’s the same feeling you get when you’ve got a killer handbag or pair of shoes on and you feel like everyone’s staring, in a good way. Even if no one is actually looking, I guess it’s just that whole “I feel like a million bucks” thing.   

On the last 5 days of me filling in for Yasmine, I wore the white fur coat a few more times, a cute little fur toque from Danier, which is amazingly stretchy and comfortable, a gigantic fur collar, and this new beaver “duvet” scarf from Starlight Furs for Beautifully Canadian, a Canadian company founded in 1982. It surprised me that beavers have some of the softest fur I’ve ever felt, but apparently, shearing or plucking the outer layer of fur reveals this amazing underlayer called the “duvet”. I want an actual duvet made of this stuff!    

Thakoon fall 2009, fur, colorful fur, fur on the runway, designers using fur

Thakoon Fall 2009 RTW. Image http://www.style.com


Another thing: while I have no new “news” to report from my experiment (seriously, I got a few compliments but no comments on my fur—and definitely no red paint!), 100 Days of Fur has made me appreciate all the amazing fur that has reemerged in fashion. I remember falling even more in love with Thakoon after attending his New York Fashion Week show in February 2009, when he showed brilliant fur-trimmed and full-on fur coats dyed shocking shades of pink, orange, and green. So amazing! Anna Dello Russo’s hot pink fur reminded me of that show. And if anyone knows her fashion, it’s Anna Dello Russo!    

anna dello russo, prada fur stole, pink fur, milan fashion week, vogue japan

Anna dello Russo and her divine Prada fur stole. Image http://www.www.jakandjil.com


So while this marks the end of me filling in for Yasmine (welcome home!), you can still find me on the streets of Vancouver, continuing to wear fur (next on my list: a furry bag). Ciao!    

Rebecca Tay is a former western editor at FASHION Magazine. You can follow her via her Twitter account

Prada Spring Summer 2011

Prada Spring Summer 2011 campaign, shot by Steven Meisel.

I loved Prada‘s spring summer 2011 show, the bright colours, beautiful prints, and striking silhouettes certainly made it one of the strongest of the season, so I was thrilled to see the new campaign images have been released.

My favourite pieces in the collection were definitely the multi-coloured fox skins that the models held as they strut down the catwalk. The striped foxes definitely caught my eye, I love that a designer brand is incorporating fur into its spring summer collection. And why not? A fox stole is a great alternative to a jacket when wearing a cocktail dress in the spring.

Images from Luxuo.