Fall campaigns 2011: Louis Vuitton

louis vuitton, lv, fall winter campaign, mongolian lamb fur,I just can’t stop looking at these sublime pictures. The combination of textures are absolutely stunning: purple shearling, jade patent leather, lacquered python.. exactly what the Louis Vuitton girl would wear to travel.

As Marc Jacobs explained, the fetish influence of this collection came from a conversation with LVMH’s Bernard Arnault about women’s “inexplicable obsession with bags. And that got us started thinking about passions, and any of the disciplines that require effort and work and commitment.”

I always knew I was a Vuitton girl!

louis vuitton, lv, fall winter campaign, mongolian lamb fur,

Peter Pan collars for a sexy French maid look

louis vuitton, lv, fall winter campaign, mongolian lamb fur,

A vibrant mustard color tote

louis vuitton, lv, fall winter campaign, mongolian lamb fur,

A private chauffeur, yes please! (5 vintage cars were used for this shoot!)

louis vuitton, lv, fall winter campaign, mongolian lamb fur,

The Lockit clutch (with a diamond handcuff)

Shot by Steven Meisel, starring Zuzanna Bijoch, Gertrud Hegelund, Daphne Groeneveld and Anais Pouliot.


Fur Lover: Joanna Hillman

I really love outfit bloggers, I follow a couple of them to inspire me to have fun with clothes. My favorite posts with fur is when the blogger wears it with a simple outfit (jeans & T-shirt), nothing over the top, just your casual girl. I love how fur is now going street style and worn with a very relaxed style — very different from the full length mink coats I saw half of the women wearing in Quebec city last week-end!

So I decided that I would share the best outfit posts with fur to inspire you to wear your fur pieces. Last week, I was on Harper’s Bazaar website when I saw this new blog: “Joanna’s Wardrobe Diaries: 30 days of Style.” Joanna Hillman is Harper’s Bazaar senior fashion market editor and I’ve got to say that I love the variety of colors, textures and heels in her wardrobe!

Accessories: Helmut Lang fur collar and Anne Dee Goldin fur hat

Fur accessories is a small luxury every girl should have: it’s the fastest and most economical way to give an edge to your style of the day. The Helmut Lang fur collar is simply decadent, it’s just perfect for the chic outfit! But if you are going for a more urban look, the trapper hat is a must have. I see it everywhere here in Montreal, the bigger the fur, the better!

Escada Mongolian scarf & Adrienne Landau printed fur vest

The long Mongolian lamb scarf from Escada is so unexpected for that dress; that’s why it’s my favorite look so far. Mongolian lamb will add a unique texture to anything and it’s so soft and curly that you’ll instantly fall in love with it! But I’m also a big fan of fur vests and that leopard print rabbit vest from Adrienne Landau is adorable (there is also a matching beret!) Leopard print is one of the strongest trends of the season and I promise that a vest like that will keep you warm in style!

What’s your favorite outfit from Joanna’s Wardrobe Diaries?