Couture 2011: Elie Saab

Lebanese designer Elie Saab never ceases to amaze me with his feminine and simply gorgeous gowns. His Couture collection, shown in Paris July 6th, is my absolute favorite of the latest Couture shows; I’m a romantic, I always fall for the dresses fit for a fairy tale princess.

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Fur flowers and Swarovki crystal

The brand’s signature embellishment of beads and cristals added sparkle to the icy blue, champagne and rose-gold shades of the gowns. What I really love is the subtle fur details that were added, keeping the look light and ethereal. In this collection, fur is used to create a pattern on the light, semi-sheer fabric. Designers are experimenting with fur in new ways that have rarely been explored before: we are far away from full-fur coats!

elie saab couture, paris fashion, designer, dress with fur,
Delicate fur detailing

Now, I just need to cross my fingers for my white knight to win the lottery and buy me one of this decadent creations. But I’ll probably end-up printing the pictures and pinning them on my mood wall…

I would totally get married in the white dress!

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Fabulous Furs at Fendi

The last Fendi show was rife with carefully crafted furs. From beautiful scarves to full coats, every piece was meticulously sewn and styled. The separate pieces have a great over-all tone that ties the collection together, without becoming repetitive. It’s the perfect mix of long and short pieces, with a bit of that Fendi charm in every one.

Fendi, Fur, AW2011, catwalk,

The colours on these furs are so vibrant and natural.


Fur Hypocrite: Melanie Rickey

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While Melanie Rickey isn’t a household name, she is most definitely an important fashion journalist in the UK, who acts as Fashion Editor-at-large for Grazia magazine (one of the countries most popular fashion magazines.) A few months back she wrote a post (wrote is actually not the correct word here), she regurgitated a letter written to her from PETA. I find it highly distressing that a so-called respected journalist would simply re-copy a letter from a very biased organization, without actually having done any research into the facts.

Melanie Rickey, fur hypocrite, fur coat

Melanie Rickey, Grazia's Fashion Editor at Large.

The letter (see the blog post here) stated the usual fur industry lies, and then some, followed by a slew of comments. As expected there were comments of support, but the worst came when she responded to the comments. Here are a few of her utterly hypocritical responses.

“I occasionally eat meat, and do wear wool and leather but that works for me and most people as we wear these animals and it is part of the natural order.”

Hilarious that you can justify wearing some types of dead animals because it “works for you” and is part of a “natural order.” Perhaps Ms Rickey would like to see how the “natural order” works in the North of Canada, where people live off the fur trade, and often eat the meat. This type of inarticulate response is the last thing we would expect from a successful journalist.

eskimo, fur hat fur coat, fur hypocrite

When mentioned that the leather trade is, in many cases, worse than the fur trade, Rickey responded with:

“I don’t know enough about the leather industry to comment. I need to know more.”

I’d like to suggest that she do some research, instead of claiming ignorance. I would expect this from a blogger or someone who comments on fur posts with their anti-fur remarks, but for an established journalist to avoid dealing with a topic by simply saying she doesn’t know enough is very sad. Melanie Rickey, you are a fur hypocrite.

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Catwalk image
Melanie Rickey

Fur on the Catwalk: Dsquared Autumn Winter 2011

The wild west gets a fur treatment with beautiful fur collars and coats at Dsquared2 this winter. Canadian designers Dean and Dan Caten bring together their tried and true western themes, with an added touch of luxury in gorgeous collars, trims, and full-length fur coats.

Dsquared, Fall Winter 2011, Milan Fashion Week, Fur Coat
Dsquared, Fall Winter 2011, Milan Fashion Week, Fur Trim

There’s more great fur to be seen! Click here to see the rest of the photo set!

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Fur on the Catwalk: Alexander McQueen AW2011

The Alexander McQueen show for the Autumn/Winter season featured quite a bit of fur, worn in a range of different ways. From pure white coats featuring fur cut outs, to S&M inspired dresses trimmed in fur, the collection showed breadth of the house’s design aesthetic, while still maintaining a cohesive look.

Alexander Mcqueen, AW2011, Paris Fashion Week
Alexander Mcqueen, AW2011, Paris Fashion Week
Alexander Mcqueen, AW2011, Paris Fashion Week
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The Art of Luxe: Color, Color and more Color!

knitted fur, pink fur, purple fur, fur bolero, fur poncho

Color, color and more color! Bolero by Paula Lishman, poncho by Belle Fare

Nothing more exciting than a spectacular runway show, when sipping wine and reminiscing about the Naffem VIP tour! I attended  the Art of Luxe fashion show which celebrates fur designers such as Paula Lishman, Zuki and young creators sponsored by Kopenhagen Fur. I was seated in the front row, and was immediately submerged by the passionate violinist’s performance. This musical piece by Dr.Draw was a brilliant way of presenting the craftsmanship we were about to see. Backstage I could tell emotions were running high for last minute preparations when suddenly the bright lights snapped on, the music set the mood and names of designers appeared on a giant LED screen.

dr draw playing at NAFFEM

Dr.Draw captivated the audience

As models made their way down the catwalk we could not help but notice the striking contrast between dark furs and the model’s bright outfits. Andy Warhol would of been proud of the outstanding visual influence his Pop Art had over the theme of the show. The interpretation of Warhol’s work (powerful & electric colors) was gracefully translated on Naffem’s runway.

Paula Lishman, canadian designer, fur poncho, lilac fur, pink fur, fur poncho

Canadian designer Paula Lishman, inventor of knitted and washable fur

Seeing is believing, this expression comes to mind when gazing upon the magic of a colorful Lishman beaver poncho at the Naffem show. It’s incredible how fur can captivate your senses and make you escape to a world of fantasy were color, fur and glamour are personified. We’ve certainly come a long way from grandmas old fur coat! What would you think about being able to wash your beaver knitted poncho after you’ve worn it? Guess what? You can! In contrast to the typical Mexican urbane poncho, this renewed version is not only glamourous but also practical.

Canadian designer, Zuki, flower, fur,


I felt my pulse rise when Zuki runway model walked before me with a sublime flower coat. The contrast of vibrant lilac, blue and red flowers on a soft black fur with fox trim created the perfect miss match. The difference of textures between the fluffy trim and the black shiny body also stood out. My only regret from this experience is that I could not leave the show with one of these magnificent fur coats!

Stay tuned for my discussion with Eddie Maleterre about his inspirations for hair & makeup.

euroline, natural furs international, mink patchwork

A mix of furs to add texture. Coat by Euroline, vest by Natural Furs

Natural furs, BluesArt, seal fur

Tailored fur coats by Natural Furs and BluesArt

Kopenhagen fur, naffem, fur innovation, mink, pink fur, fur bag

Kopenhagen Fur luxurious outerwear

Fur on the Catwalk: The Row Autumn Winter 2011

Ashley Olsen and Mary Kate Olsen, masterminds behind the high fashion label The Row, delivered an exceptionally beautiful Autumn collection. The clean lines and structured tailoring pair nicely with comically large hats and boisterous fur collars. Every piece is well planned, each detail carefully thought out and precise. These girls aren’t ready to bow to PETA’s threats any time soon, and prove so with the beautifully crafted, and ethically-sourced, fur pieces in this season’s collection.

The Row Fall Winter 2011
The Row Autumn Winter 2011
The Row Autumn Winter 2011

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Christian Dior Autumn Winter 2011

Sorry for the lack of posts people! We have been busy with NAFFEM. More on that in the days to follow!

Despite what some may have to say about John Galliano, there is no arguing the fact that the man is a brilliant designer. The Dior Autumn Winter collection was a testament to his incredible vision and talent, and he will be missed by many in the coming seasons. (For those not in the know, go here to read the full Galliano story.)

This collection was all about texture. Feathers, fur, tweed, and chiffon were all layered together to create beautiful looks. Each piece on its own is unique and completely ready-to-wear, but the styling and layering of the garments are what bring this collection together on the catwalk.

Two completely different, yet cohesive looks.

This two-toned coat looks fantastic with knee high boots.

This fur scarf paired with a green tweed trench-style coat is a perfect example of impeccable styling. And those earrings! A great little addition to a beautiful coat.

Have you ever seen so many dissimilar textures work together so well?

This one is my favourite! Had to include a detailed shot of the thin, delicate layers of chiffon inbetween the layers of fur. So beautiful!

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Fur on the Catwalk: Prada AW 2011

The Prada Autumn Winter 2011 collection is all about texture: juxtaposing soft, luxurious fur collars with stiff, shiny, plastic-looking skirts. This fall collection is pleasantly colourful, and a step in the opposite direction of the camels and greys we’ve become so accustomed to for Fall. The fur, of course, was no exception. Brightly coloured collars add an interesting quality to these incredibly detailed pieces.

Details on a Fur Collar
Amazing Colours!
Beautful Fur Texture

We’ve all been lusting after those beautiful Prada fox stoles, and this latest collection is definitely covet-worthy!

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Fur on the Catwalk: Burberry Prorsum Autumn Winter 2011

Christopher Bailey has put together a wonderfully classic collection for Burberry Prorsum once again. Highlights included warm brown fur coats paired with a slim trouser, and sleek, black mink accents on sleeves and shoulders. The entire collection is a sensory experience, with several textures in one garment. It’s unfortunate technology hasn’t come far enough to let us experience the feel of a garment while watching the show streaming live on our iPads.

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