Ginta Lapina in Vogue Germany

Vogue, fur in the media, fur in the magazines, Greg Kadel, high fashion furNot many maids wear fur on the job, but then again, not many maids look as sexy as Ginta Lapina. We love this shoot by Greg Kadel for Vogue Germany, especially the fur skirt featured above. A must have in every fur lovers wardrobe, if you can spare the extra bulk around your hips…

Vogue, fur in the media, fur in the magazines, Greg Kadel, high fashion furVogue, fur in the media, fur in the magazines, Greg Kadel, high fashion fur

Images from Fashion Gone Rogue.

Tom Ford Autumn Winter 2011, Finally!

Tom Ford loves to keep us all in suspense… By restricting the guests, and the photographers at his fahsion shows, he manages to keep his collections a secret until HE is ready to release them. For autumn winter 2012, he made us wait until last week, when he released this video lookbook. And guess what? There is tons of fur in the collection! From the looks of things, we can expect quite a lot of goat and fox, but we are very excited to get a closer look!

Fur on the Catwalk: The Row Autumn Winter 2011

Ashley Olsen and Mary Kate Olsen, masterminds behind the high fashion label The Row, delivered an exceptionally beautiful Autumn collection. The clean lines and structured tailoring pair nicely with comically large hats and boisterous fur collars. Every piece is well planned, each detail carefully thought out and precise. These girls aren’t ready to bow to PETA’s threats any time soon, and prove so with the beautifully crafted, and ethically-sourced, fur pieces in this season’s collection.

The Row Fall Winter 2011
The Row Autumn Winter 2011
The Row Autumn Winter 2011

Catwalk images via

NAFFEM – Fur Fashion meets Innovation

 marie-victorin, fur school, design student contest, naffem,

“Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.” Coco Chanel  

I was admiring an award winning fur piece displayed at the 2011 Naffem show, when these words resonated in my mind. Comfort and fluffiness seemed to be key characteristics for these students when transforming garments mainly used to keep warm into fashionable items. The amount of talent and creativity exhibited for the public’s enjoyment was surreal. Before me was this beautifully handcrafted white fox coat mixed with a knitted wool pattern which gave it an urban style. Marie-Victorin College students redefined youthful expression through the fur fashion craftsmanship. Every detail meticulously stitched and sewed resulted in endless possibilities for their luxurious creations.       

Marie-Victorin fur collection display at NAFFEM

I was given a guided tour of Naffem, one of the most prestigious North American fashion trade shows and I was glad to be surrounded by generations of fur trading traditions. From a novice perspective, I had the pleasure of exploring the various layers behind the fur industry. Our “tour guide”, Tony Jay from, explained the different stages of production that make this a unique industry. The cooperation between trappers, farmers, designers and retailers, creates a premium quality product. Every year the Exibition Hall of Place Bonaventure in Montreal is filled with international manufacturers that display their collections for buyers to see. Naffem is the most anticipated time of the year for buyers to shop for Fall and Winter outerwear that will be sold to fashionistas around the globe.       

naffem, raincoat, mink, reversible raincoat

Fellow bloggers Lisa Sim and Todd Kingston Plummer admire the Kopenhagen Fur reversible raincoat

Innovation is synonym of branded designers such as Zuki, Beautifully Canadian, Kopenhagen Fur, Gliagias and Jean Crisan to name a few. These visionaries not only redefine elegance but have left their blueprint by carefully using different properties of fur. For instance, if we admire the rain coat by Kopenhagen Fur collection, you are immediately seduced by it’s beauty and practicality. Who says you can’t look your best under the rain!

Have you ever seen a girl walk the walk with exquisite Zuki flower mink coat and not get a single tear of excitement? Learn more about who else made the catwalk of the Opening Night Fashion Show in an upcoming post!

Kopenhagen, cell phone pouch, mink, fur heart, pink heart, naffem

I was delighted to receive so generously from Kopenhagen Fur these accessories which are natures true gifts. Everything the heart desires!




Brand Profile: Hockley

Hockley, fox fur, muskrat, squirrel fur

Hockley AW11: Left, grey wool parka with squirrel lining & fox trim. Right, golden aqua musquash & fox coat with detachable bolero.

During my trip to London for fashion week, I visited the Hockley store and showroom, a very old, traditional London furrier who launched their own label in 2007. Their creative director, Izzet Irs, showed me their beautiful autumn winter 2011 collection.

Hockley, mink coat, mink

Hockley AW11: Left, reverisble navy mink coat with neoprene lining. Right, brown multi-colour mink coat wiht reflective inserts.

Irs explained to me that he wanted to design a brand, not a fur brand, and his intentions have been very well-received. Harrods, the famous London department store, sells Hockley in their womenswear department, not in their fur department.

Hockley, knitwear, mink, fox

Hockley AW11: Left, silver ash mink & fox layered on jersey coat. Right, silver ash punched mink & knit jacket.

For autumn winter 2011, Irs wanted to make a collection that was almost all reversible, which meant a lot of wool coats lined in fur and knit pieces that could be worn inside out. He worked with a lot of fox, chinchilla, rex rabbit, and mink, and kept the colour palette very neutral, featuring grey, silver, taupe, and navy, and the result is a very modern, beautiful, desirable outerwear collection.

Hockley, knitted fur, chinchilla, fox, squirrel fur

Hockley AW11: Left, grey wool parka with squirrel lining and fox trim. Right, dusty grey knitted chinchilla & fox jacket.

Click here for the rest of the Hockley AW11 collection

100 Days of Fur: Day 92

To read the full story on the 100 Days of Fur experiment, click here.

I am in London for fashion week, and to be honest, I was a bit scared of wearing fur. The British are known for their anti-fur stances, even British Vogue refuses to put any fur items in their magazine, unless they are animals we consume as food (clearly they are complete hypocrites, something to discuss another day.) But when I turned up at my first show on Friday night, I couldn’t believe how many people were wearing fur. It was everywhere!

It was so good to see that the young and fashionable are piling on the fur, there has clearly been a shift in the past few years (and this was confirmed to me by the creative director at Hockley, the British fur brand, more on this later) and it seems that consumers are more willing to invest in fur. It seems the green argument is winning them over, as well as their realisation that it is hypocritical to wear leather and be against fur.

Here are a few photos I took, but this is only a fraction of the beautiful fur I am seeing every day here in London! And by the way, I’ve brought a few scarves, my fox stole, and my muskrat jacket (from Trend Furs, thank you again!), and I’ve had nothing but compliments from the people of London!

fur, London Fashion Week, streetstylefur, London Fashion Week, streetstylefur, London Fashion Week, streetstylefur, London Fashion Week, streetstyle

100 Days of Fur: Day 82

To read the full story on the 100 Days of Fur experiment, click here.

First of all, thanks to Rebecca Tay to filling in for me while I was fur-less in Maui. To read her posts, click here and here.

I am coming up to the last few days of my experiment (my wool coats will be very pleased to know this) and I will be spending nine of those last days attending London Fashion Week (and wearing fur, of course.)

Last week I had one of my most exciting fur moments so far… I picked up a custom-made fox stole from Pappas Furs, which I had made from a pelt I’ve had for 13 years. I’ve documented the process with a few photos. This will be one of my main pieces for London Fashion Week (I won’t be able to bring more than one or two coats in my suitcase, it will have to be all about the fur accessories!)

First, I brought in this snow-tip fox pelt (it is dyed red and the tips are bleached, hence called “snow tip”) and showed it to Walter, the Master Furrier at Pappas Furs.

fox, pelt, fur scarf, Pappas Furs, custom made fur

fox, pelt, fur scarf, Pappas Furs, custom made fur

The fur on this pelt is very thick and lustrous, it is a fox from a Scandinavian farm.

First, he tested the elasticity of the pelt to see if it was still in good quality, and then he suggested a few options of what I could do with it. We decided on a scarf. Walter made a muslin for me (using a fake fur) and I came in a few weeks later to try it on.

fox, pelt, fur scarf, Pappas Furs, custom made furfox, pelt, fur scarf, Pappas Furs, custom made fur

I returned a few weeks later to pick up the finished product. The scarf itself was way longer than the pelt, and there were no visible seams. By investigating the remnants, I was able to figure out that Walter had used the letting out technique to construct the scarf. The is a technique where a pelt is slit into many long, thin strips, which are then re-sewn together to make a larger, longer piece. Here is an image of one of the leftover scraps, and a photo of a fur swatch of the letting out technique.

fox, pelt, fur scarf, Pappas Furs, custom made fur

Center image shows some of the seaming used in the scarf, and right image shows how the seams are totally invisible from the right side of the fur.

fox, pelt, fur scarf, Pappas Furs, custom made fur

A sample of the letting out technique.

And here is the finished product! I tested it out yesterday and I LOVE it. It is super soft and extremely versatile. Can’t wait to show it off properly!

Daria Werbowy, Venus in Furs

Daria Werbowy, canadian top model, Venus in furs, fur, V magazine, editorial, black and white pictures, fashion pictures

A mix of silver and black fox to show off those legs!

Canadian supermodel Daria Werbowy is a real goddess in this editorial for V magazine (shot by Nathaniel Goldberg.) These pictures combine my favorite things: black and white photography, a Canadian top model and fur. Just imagine the fun they had shooting these images!

Daria Werbowy, W magazine, fur, editorials, Venus in furs

I love the movement on this picture

Daria Werbowy, V magazine, fur, editorials, Venus in furs

Mink (I think) with laser-cuts to create diamond shapes

 This great coat is a good example of the fun designers are having experimenting with fur. This looks like a mink coat to me (it’s hard to be 100% sure with pictures). Designers can now create a wide variety of effects with laser-cut, carving and grooving.

Daria Werbowy, Venus in Furs, V magazine, fur, editorials

The best close-up ever

Daria Werbowy, Venus in furs, editorial, V magazine, fur

THe most beautiful smile! This is how my fur coat makes me feel too!

Daria Werbowy, canadian top model, Venus in furs, fur, V magazine, editorial, black and white pictures, fashion pictures

Chinchilla, one of the most luxurious fur one can desire

Daria Werbowy, canadian top model, Venus in furs, fur, V magazine, editorial, black and white pictures, fashion pictures

Is it a blanket? I would definitively sleep in that!

 Images from Fashion Gone Rogue

100 Days of Fur: Day 14

To read the full story on the 100 Days of Fur experiment, click here.

Emily Didonato shot by Miguel Reveriego for Numéro. I want her fur coat.

I am pleased to say that there is nothing to report. I’ve been wearing my two new furs like crazy, and I have had a lot of comments, but only nice ones. I have also been very warm.

I am quite excited that I am going back to Pappas next week to pick up some fox tails I had altered so I can hang them off handbags. There is a blue one and a fuchsia one, so excited!

Image source.

Prada Spring Summer 2011

Prada Spring Summer 2011 campaign, shot by Steven Meisel.

I loved Prada‘s spring summer 2011 show, the bright colours, beautiful prints, and striking silhouettes certainly made it one of the strongest of the season, so I was thrilled to see the new campaign images have been released.

My favourite pieces in the collection were definitely the multi-coloured fox skins that the models held as they strut down the catwalk. The striped foxes definitely caught my eye, I love that a designer brand is incorporating fur into its spring summer collection. And why not? A fox stole is a great alternative to a jacket when wearing a cocktail dress in the spring.

Images from Luxuo.