Fabulous Furs at Fendi

The last Fendi show was rife with carefully crafted furs. From beautiful scarves to full coats, every piece was meticulously sewn and styled. The separate pieces have a great over-all tone that ties the collection together, without becoming repetitive. It’s the perfect mix of long and short pieces, with a bit of that Fendi charm in every one.

Fendi, Fur, AW2011, catwalk,

The colours on these furs are so vibrant and natural.


Fur on the Catwalk: Alexander McQueen AW2011

The Alexander McQueen show for the Autumn/Winter season featured quite a bit of fur, worn in a range of different ways. From pure white coats featuring fur cut outs, to S&M inspired dresses trimmed in fur, the collection showed breadth of the house’s design aesthetic, while still maintaining a cohesive look.

Alexander Mcqueen, AW2011, Paris Fashion Week
Alexander Mcqueen, AW2011, Paris Fashion Week
Alexander Mcqueen, AW2011, Paris Fashion Week
Catwalk images from Style.com

Fur on the Catwalk: The Row Autumn Winter 2011

Ashley Olsen and Mary Kate Olsen, masterminds behind the high fashion label The Row, delivered an exceptionally beautiful Autumn collection. The clean lines and structured tailoring pair nicely with comically large hats and boisterous fur collars. Every piece is well planned, each detail carefully thought out and precise. These girls aren’t ready to bow to PETA’s threats any time soon, and prove so with the beautifully crafted, and ethically-sourced, fur pieces in this season’s collection.

The Row Fall Winter 2011
The Row Autumn Winter 2011
The Row Autumn Winter 2011

Catwalk images via Style.com

Christian Dior Autumn Winter 2011

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Despite what some may have to say about John Galliano, there is no arguing the fact that the man is a brilliant designer. The Dior Autumn Winter collection was a testament to his incredible vision and talent, and he will be missed by many in the coming seasons. (For those not in the know, go here to read the full Galliano story.)

This collection was all about texture. Feathers, fur, tweed, and chiffon were all layered together to create beautiful looks. Each piece on its own is unique and completely ready-to-wear, but the styling and layering of the garments are what bring this collection together on the catwalk.

Two completely different, yet cohesive looks.

This two-toned coat looks fantastic with knee high boots.

This fur scarf paired with a green tweed trench-style coat is a perfect example of impeccable styling. And those earrings! A great little addition to a beautiful coat.

Have you ever seen so many dissimilar textures work together so well?

This one is my favourite! Had to include a detailed shot of the thin, delicate layers of chiffon inbetween the layers of fur. So beautiful!

All catwalk images from Style.com

Fur on the Catwalk: Prada AW 2011

The Prada Autumn Winter 2011 collection is all about texture: juxtaposing soft, luxurious fur collars with stiff, shiny, plastic-looking skirts. This fall collection is pleasantly colourful, and a step in the opposite direction of the camels and greys we’ve become so accustomed to for Fall. The fur, of course, was no exception. Brightly coloured collars add an interesting quality to these incredibly detailed pieces.

Details on a Fur Collar
Amazing Colours!
Beautful Fur Texture

We’ve all been lusting after those beautiful Prada fox stoles, and this latest collection is definitely covet-worthy!

Photos from Style.com

Fur on the Catwalk: Burberry Prorsum Autumn Winter 2011

Christopher Bailey has put together a wonderfully classic collection for Burberry Prorsum once again. Highlights included warm brown fur coats paired with a slim trouser, and sleek, black mink accents on sleeves and shoulders. The entire collection is a sensory experience, with several textures in one garment. It’s unfortunate technology hasn’t come far enough to let us experience the feel of a garment while watching the show streaming live on our iPads.

Catwalk Images from Style.com

Fur Lovers Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen Stand Up for Their Right to Wear Fur

Olsen Twins in Gorgeous Fur

Depending on what celebrity rag you’re currently reading and what day of the week it is, Mary Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen are either being praised for their unique personal style, or condemned for wearing strange combinations and unflattering proportions. However, there is no denying that the pair can rock a gorgeous fur.

The twins have been a huge target of PETA for several years, facing angry mobs at book signings, on the street, and many online smear campaigns. None of this dreadful behaviour on PETA’s part, however, has discouraged the Olsen’s decisions to wear fur. They stick to what they believe and instead of retaliating in any way, simply refuse to acknowledge these ignorant threats. Not many celebrities can do this: there are several instances of celebrities being publicly attacked for wearing fur, and they immediately stop (for some great articles on such celebrities, check out our “fur hypocrite” posts). Mary Kate and Ashley have showed no signs of giving in to the pressure: Mary Kate was even featured on the cover of Marie Claire’s September issue, and the photos inside feature her in lovely fur garments.

Mary Kate in Marie Claire

Mary Kate and Ashley also include a healthy amount of fur in their collaborative luxury brand, The Row. The collection is primarily designed by the twins, with the help of specialist furriers, handbag designers, and leather makers. The brand is designed in New York and made primarily in the USA, with an importance put on ethically and locally sourcing all materials possible. The pair have managed to put out some beautiful, classic collections in the past 4 years, bringing the Row (named after Savile Row in London) to a higher standard of celebrity-turned-designer wear. This season’s collection includes beautiful fur coats and hats paired with simple, elegant tailoring that is reflective of the twins personal style, on their better days.

The Row Pre-Fall 2011

More looks from the Row to come!

To read more about The Row, check out this great article on Vogue.com
Photos of the Olsen twins courtesy of The Daily Mail.
Marie Claire Editorial from Lela London.
The Row photos from Vogue.com

Fair Fur at Todd Lynn

Todd Lynn, Saga Furs, fox, mink, autumn winter 2011

Todd Lynn's Autumn Winter 2011 collection features furs from Saga Furs.

Todd Lynn featured some very beautiful furs in his Autumn Winter 2011 collection. The Canadian designer, who is based in London, has a very “open” relationship with the fur industry. He collaborates with Saga Furs for his collections, and is very clear about his reasons for using fur:

“I am very careful about where my products come from. I work with Saga fur – it comes from Finland, they have a vested interest in proper product and breeding, and the animals have to be treated properly. I’m not a heartless person, but for those of us who work in high-end fashion, there are certain things we need to use. Fur is something my clients want. You make the choice. We don’t do a lot of it – it’s just part of the collection, the way leather is.” -Todd Lynn

If only more designers would take this approach.

Todd Lynn, Saga Furs, fox, mink, autumn winter 2011

Saga Furs provided Faun Light Fox and Mink for Todd Lynn's AW11 collection.

Images from Style.com.

Fur on the Catwalk: Michael Kors AW 11

Micheal Kors 30th anniversary show was a perfect example of what the Michael Kors label is all about: timeless, beautiful pieces with great styling. Long fur coats in classic cuts dominated the runway, and the neutral colours would look fantastic in any winter wardrobe.

Michael Kors Autumn Winter 2011
Michael Kors Autumn Winter 2011
Michael Kors Autumn Winter 2011
Photos from Style.com.