Fur on the Catwalk: Alexander Wang AW 11

Alexander Wang has delivered some great fur detailing in his latest collection.

Alexander Wang, Winter 2011Alexander Wang Winter 2011Alexander Wang, Winter 2011
These collars and sleeves are gorgeous, and the fur trim on the sunglasses is quite interesting. It looks cozy!

Photos courtesy of Style.com


Fair Fur at Todd Lynn

Todd Lynn, Saga Furs, fox, mink, autumn winter 2011

Todd Lynn's Autumn Winter 2011 collection features furs from Saga Furs.

Todd Lynn featured some very beautiful furs in his Autumn Winter 2011 collection. The Canadian designer, who is based in London, has a very “open” relationship with the fur industry. He collaborates with Saga Furs for his collections, and is very clear about his reasons for using fur:

“I am very careful about where my products come from. I work with Saga fur – it comes from Finland, they have a vested interest in proper product and breeding, and the animals have to be treated properly. I’m not a heartless person, but for those of us who work in high-end fashion, there are certain things we need to use. Fur is something my clients want. You make the choice. We don’t do a lot of it – it’s just part of the collection, the way leather is.” -Todd Lynn

If only more designers would take this approach.

Todd Lynn, Saga Furs, fox, mink, autumn winter 2011

Saga Furs provided Faun Light Fox and Mink for Todd Lynn's AW11 collection.

Images from Style.com.

Fur on the Catwalk: Michael Kors AW 11

Micheal Kors 30th anniversary show was a perfect example of what the Michael Kors label is all about: timeless, beautiful pieces with great styling. Long fur coats in classic cuts dominated the runway, and the neutral colours would look fantastic in any winter wardrobe.

Michael Kors Autumn Winter 2011
Michael Kors Autumn Winter 2011
Michael Kors Autumn Winter 2011
Photos from Style.com.