Fur Hypocrite: Tim Gunn

Tim Gunn, fur hypocrite, PETA

Tim Gunn, chairman of fashion design at Parsons.

We’ve been meaning to write about this story for some time now, so excuse the delay. Earlier this year, Tim Gunn supported an event hosted by PETA to unveil their most recent I’d Rather Go Naked ad (read more about it here, on Styleite.) The crazy thing is, he wore leather shoes to the event, and a wool suit. His explanation?

“My advocacy is really directed toward fur specifically,” Gunn said. “It’s so much more succinct and tangible, and there are lots of fake fur options. It’s not like it’s the only thing you can do. There are fewer options when it comes to leather, at least right now.” (Styleite)

Hmmm… perhaps Mr. Gunn, who is very active in fashion indsutry, and a rather knowledgeable man, missed the day that fake leather was launched? Either that, or he is a total hypocrite, using the PETA exposure to further his career and increase his exposure. And what do you think the chances are that he will forfeit wool and leather, when there are better “options”?

And to say that fur is much more “succinct and tangible” is absolutely ridiculous. Sure, a full length mink coat might draw more attention than a pair of leather shoes, however this does mean it is ok to kill cows for shoes, but not minks for coats? I had a lot of respect for Gunn before this event, but now he has proved himself to be very uneducated, or a major HYPOCRITE.

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Total Luxe: Furry Louboutins!

Christian Louboutin, fur shoes, designer shoes, designer fur

You can always count on Christian Louboutin to incorporate some fur into his fantastic footwear collections, these ones are from autumn winter 2011. The combination of lace and fur on this bootie is extraordinary. And we also love the giant pouf on the suede platform.

Images from RAW Shoes, one of our favourite shoe blogs.