Fur Quote: Karl Lagerfeld

Fendi, luxury furs, fur in the media, Karl Lagerfeld

Fendi furs, designed by Karl Lagerfeld.

Some great fur quotes from the Kaiser, from an article in Vice Magazine.

On the fur trade:

“…when people talk about not using fur, [I always say] ‘Are you rich enough to make an income for the people in the north who live from hunting? What do you want them to live off of when there’s nothing else to do?'”

Great point Karl! Finally someone is standing up for the hunters and farmers.

Chanel, luxury furs, fur in the media, Karl Lagerfeld

Chanel furs, designed by Karl Lagerfeld.

On buying fur:

“If you cannot afford it, just forget about it. Don’t use it as an investment piece to show people how rich you are. Use it like a cheap knitted thing. It’s like a big stone. Lucky you that you can have a big stone, but if it troubles you financially to have the stone, don’t have the stone”

Read the rest at Vice Magazine: KARL LAGERFELD – Vice Magazine

2 thoughts on “Fur Quote: Karl Lagerfeld

  1. So someone who makes money – LOTS OF MONEY – selling the corpses of animals is pro murdering animals? That is a real surprise!

  2. So you’re saying that hunting and farming animals for fur is the ONLY way people can sustain themselves? Come on! I’m sure they can think of something better that does not send living beings into confinement and extreme suffering, don’t you? Why doesn’t Karl Lagerfeld and all his millions think of a better alternative and help people and animals live well? 
    And if people are just so helpless that they can’t find any other way to live, here’s an idea! Why don’t they breed kids in cages, skin them and sell baby skin purses! (Sounds different when it’s humans your talking about? It shouldn’t. It is still cruelty.)

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