Fur Hypocrite: Tim Gunn

Tim Gunn, fur hypocrite, PETA

Tim Gunn, chairman of fashion design at Parsons.

We’ve been meaning to write about this story for some time now, so excuse the delay. Earlier this year, Tim Gunn supported an event hosted by PETA to unveil their most recent I’d Rather Go Naked ad (read more about it here, on Styleite.) The crazy thing is, he wore leather shoes to the event, and a wool suit. His explanation?

“My advocacy is really directed toward fur specifically,” Gunn said. “It’s so much more succinct and tangible, and there are lots of fake fur options. It’s not like it’s the only thing you can do. There are fewer options when it comes to leather, at least right now.” (Styleite)

Hmmm… perhaps Mr. Gunn, who is very active in fashion indsutry, and a rather knowledgeable man, missed the day that fake leather was launched? Either that, or he is a total hypocrite, using the PETA exposure to further his career and increase his exposure. And what do you think the chances are that he will forfeit wool and leather, when there are better “options”?

And to say that fur is much more “succinct and tangible” is absolutely ridiculous. Sure, a full length mink coat might draw more attention than a pair of leather shoes, however this does mean it is ok to kill cows for shoes, but not minks for coats? I had a lot of respect for Gunn before this event, but now he has proved himself to be very uneducated, or a major HYPOCRITE.

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4 thoughts on “Fur Hypocrite: Tim Gunn

  1. This is an interesting report, as some people, by PETA, in the spotlight. Mr gunns thoughts, are apparently still for real fur, also for fashion, because a fake can never replace real fur. It is a well known organization, who once again into the limelight mag, let Undressed snapshots, the well-known proverbs will be inserted to the pictures and hardly are the well-paid models, from Shootingraum, on the street, take the most beautiful furs you again.
    I am of the opinion, who is willing, even animals, for furs, to kill, may also bear fur. I am doing it, i would like to wear furs.

  2. You are correct, Mr. Gunn is a hypocrite. All massacre of animals for human wants and vanity is disgusting and morally indefensible. 

    • Ah yes, perhaps we should all be vegans. Then the planet earth would not be able to feed a billion of us, let alone the 6 billion that live on the planet. I’d love to hear your solution to this problem…if we were all to stop eating meat, what would be eat?

      It is natural for us to use what the planet earth has given us, providing we do this ethically and sustainably. Buying a fur coat once every ten years is far more responsible than buying a fleece every year, one that is made from petro chemicals.

  3. Honey : the fur industry is the most hypocrite ever.

    Claimaing that it’s not right to use synthetic fur because it’s made from petrol and having no shame in killing millions of animals is hypocrite.

    forgetting the huge damages that all farming operations provoque on the environment is hypocrite.

    Killing minks and dying them in red whith harming chemichals to give them the aspect of fake fur is hypocrite (seen in Dior & celine last collection).

    Using racoon fur as a decoration of a nylon vest ( petrol-based product ) is hypocrite.

    Calling animal rights activits “extremist” when they probably have no blood on their hands is hypocrite.

    Using the inuits (45 000 people only ) to support the fur industry when 80 % of the production come from fur farming, and when the biggest part of fur is used in countries where fur is not necessayr is hypocrite.

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