Fur Tips: Repairing Tears

Repairing fur is best done by a professional furrier, but this can be costly when if you have an inexpensive vintage piece that isn’t worth spending money on. If the leather of an inexpensive fur coat begins to crack or tear, then there is a way of repairing it temporarily, and on the cheap. Get a piece of leather and patch the tear (on the leather side of the fur, of course) by gluing the piece of leather over the tear or crack. Use a leather glue or a latex-based rubber cement, like Copydex, this will keep the leather soft and supple, and will help prevent it from tearing any further.

This tip came from Izzet Irs, creative director at Hockey London (one of Britain’s most famous furriers.)

One thought on “Fur Tips: Repairing Tears

  1. It may not be as costly as you think and before attempting this type of repair you might want to get an estimate from a professional. The repair described in this post should be regarded as a “last resort” effort as undoing it would be impossible. Wolverine Furs http://wolverinefurs.com/  will give you an on-line estimate if you contact them and e-mail a photo of the damage.

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