Fur Hypocrite: Janice Dickinson

Janice Dickinson, fur hypocrite, PETA

When interviewed for UK magazine Grazia, ex-supermodel Janice Dickinson, talked about the fact that she attends anti-fur rallys. But she later admits to owning and wearing fur:

“I do have to disclose at this point – I’ve had some dead, DEAD! fur in my closet coz I got it from Fendi when I modeled for them, years and years and years ago, and I don’t want to throw it out! I have worn it when I’ve been filming in Russia – but I don’t really wear it unless it’s super cold. So there. You can’t out me for wearing fur sometimes ‘coz I’ve just outed myself!” (Grazia)

So what is the message here Janice? Is it ok to wear fur if it is from Fendi? Or if it is free? Or if it is super cold? But the rest of the time it isn’t? How about admitting it is ok to wear fur AND attend anti-fur rallys, if you are a total hypocrite.

Images from Grazia.

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3 thoughts on “Fur Hypocrite: Janice Dickinson

  1. This website is disgusting. How immoral must you be to advocate the wearing of fur. Maybe someone needs to skin you alive so you know how it feels.

    • Animals aren’t skinned alive in the fur industry. And wearing fur isn’t immoral, it is natural. How many fashion products are local, long-lasting, sustainable, and biodegradable? I’ll bet you most of the clothes you wear are none of the above.

  2. No, it’s OK because she already owns it, and throwing it out won’t magically bring those animals back to life.  Contrast that to putting more money into the industry and incentivising the creation of more fur, and you have two very different acts with ethical impacts that are worlds apart.

    Making the moral decision to never *purchase* fur again is so obviously a consistent position, I wonder if you’re being purposefully obtuse to attack her.

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