100 Days of Fur: Day 100!

I have completed my experiment! Every day, for the past 100 days, I have worn a piece of fur. I have been out to prove that wearing fur on the street is both safe, fashionable, and warm. Throughout the past 100 days, I have worn fur scarves, stoles, hats, bags, jackets, coats, and I’ve dangled fox tails from my handbags. Not a single furry garment generated a negative comment or a dirty look. Anyone who tells you that you’ll have blood thrown on you or you will be spat on if you wear fur, is absolutely wrong.

My experiment was primarily on the streets of Vancouver, but I also went to Montreal with my fur (no problem there, the Quebecois love fur) and I wore fur at London Fashion Week. I thought the highest risk of negativity would be in London, as the British are the most anti-fur of the European countries. But my doubts were quashed as I found myself not only surrounded by other fur-wearing folk, but attending shows and viewing collections with tons of fur.

A blurry photo taken in a rush on the way to work! Day 100.

So what have I learnt? Fur is warm. Fur makes me feel glamourous. Fur is cosy. Fur can sometimes be delicate. My dog loves fur. I want more fur.

And how has the experiment changed me? Moving forward, I will definitely be wearing more fur in the winter. And if I could afford it, I’d be wearing the Prada fox stoles every day this summer too…

I’d like to thank the companies who have supported this experiment, particularly Trend Furs, Starlight Furs, Pappas Furs, the Fur Council of Canada, and to Steve in Toronto.

To read the full story on the 100 Days of Fur experiment, click here.

54 thoughts on “100 Days of Fur: Day 100!

  1. So, you’re just going to ignore the 65+ negative comments you’ve received on your blog posts? Just because people were too afraid to confront you on the street doesn’t mean you weren’t breaking hearts as you walked by. Even as an animal activist, I’m hesitant to approach a person wearing fur, because I can already assume that their selfish motives and disregard for life are far more important than anything substantial, so to confront that person might put my safety at risk. I’m devastated by the completion of this project, and I can only hope that some day you are able to open your eyes and understand that there is absolutely no reason any animal, whether it be your beloved dog or an isolated farmed fox, should lose its life to make you feel “glamorous” and “cozy”.

    • The purpose of the experiment, which I explained to you already, was to see if I had any negative comments ON THE STREET. If a psycho vegan posts a link on their site and encourages all their friends to go and comment, then of course we are going to end up with an onslaught of nutters posting comments about an industry they have actually not researched at all. The fur industry is used to this, and unlike most other fur-related organizations, I’ve actually taken the time to respond to you. But as I said in my last response, we’ve had enough of your repetitive, ignorant, one-sided comments. So if you have something interesting to say, go ahead and say it, but if not, I’m afraid your comment will be deleted.

      You are fighting a losing battle, fur is all over the place and is making a serious comeback. Good luck in your future endeavors.

      • Tree kisser – see earlier comments. EVEN PETA kills animals in its care, documented and factual. It couldn’t afford to keep them so…….and then it dumped some of the animals in trash bins.
        Hypocrisy in all facets. Perhaps those caring animal lovers need to look inwards to their own organisations before they point fingers at others!

      • No new information here- every vegan is aware of the accusations about PETA, and to some extent we all believe them. I also, however, believe that the majority of their euthanasia cases are because PETA is only called in for extreme situations, which is why they come upon sights like this:

        PETA also uses their influence and financial means to be the most efficient and successful animal rights organization, evidenced by their countless victories. Animal testing laboratories have shut down because of them, NASA stopped testing radiation on monkeys, Lipton Tea stopped infecting rabbits with viruses to see if tea “might cure them”- and, this I’m sure won’t impress you- they’ve pressured a number of well known fashion designers to pledge to be fur free. They’ve also inspired millions of Americans to go vegetarian or vegan- which cumulatively saved millions of animals per year. Their tactics, though occasionally questionable to some people, have the best track record of success, so I don’t personally have a problem with them. I also understand that because of pet overpopulation, puppy mills, and miseducation about sterilization, there are currently far too many dogs & cats in America to be taken care of by humans, and under this population is under control, tragically domestic animals are going to lose their lives. Better in the loving hands of PETA, who mourn every animal death, than starving to death tied to a rope in their “owner’s” backyard.

        That said- I think you’ll find references to PETA very rare on threads like this. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think I brought up PETA once, as I understand they are a very polarizing group. My views are only my own. I was a vegetarian long before I knew of the existence of PETA. I decided on my own that killing animals for selfish purposes was wrong, especially when we are healthier and can thrive without their products. It wasn’t until years later that I learned millions of compassionate humans were on my side.

        And, as I’ve said before- I don’t know what more “evidence” or “research” Yasmine is asking compassionate readers to provide. I know in my soul that 80 minks living lives of solitude for one piece of fashion is wrong. I know even a single beautiful animal being skinned for me to feel “cozy” is wrong. I don’t care if it was euthanized on a beautiful Canadian farm after having been lovingly cared for by struggling fur trappers or if it was tortured from birth to death on a Chinese factory farm- it’s still a lost life. For fashion. And that I will never understand.

      • PETA are efficient? Are you referring to the fact that they spend millions on marketing and hiring celebrities, rather than re-homing pets or saving animals?

        You “know in your soul” that something is wrong, but what about the history behind the fur trade, and the people who have been involved in it for years. Do their lives count? Or are you more concerned about a bunch of rodents.

      • Yasmine, just because you keep saying that fur is “back in fashion” and is “making a comeback” over and over and over doesn’t make it true. It will slowly go the way of cigarette smoking as more and more people see it for what it really is.

        And to Janet. I don’t know what kind of shoddy detective work you’ve been doing because I don’t know who Tree Kisser is, have absolutely no association with PETA (or ANY other pro-animal organization) and only knew about this blog because a Facebook friend happened to make a comment about it randomly a couple days ago. So I don’t know what “cult” you’re referring to, but I have to tell you that it just makes you sound paranoid. I’m just a regular person who happens to love animals of every kind and felt the need to express my endorsement of a little thing called compassion. You should seriously look into it. Practice a little true compassion and you’ll feel as warm and fuzzy as a little chinchilla coin purse inside.

        Oh and also…..Janet…..if you give me your address and size I’ll send you a cozy, non-fur vest tomorrow free of charge that you can wear 24/7 for the NEXT 5 months! Actually, start immediately, wear it the next month or so (or until it gets warm) put it away in your closet and then you can pull it out to wear it for the first 4 months of NEXT winter. It’ll be super stylin’. Promise!

        I’m practically a part-time stylist. 😉 (wink, wink)

      • Ok, how about if the Financial Times, the Globe and Mail, the New York Times, and the Guardian say fur is back in fashion…does that make it true? Or are those not credible sources… Maybe you only read the Vegan Times?

      • just so you know, more people smoke cigarettes than ever before haha so if thats the way furs going then im okay with it

    • You just don’t get it do you Thetreekiser. Pretty well 100% of all anti fur comments you read come straight off the anti fur websites of PETA and HSUS. These organisations have got a fixation aginst fur, and therefore look for and publish material to support their views. Incidently in so doing they whip up emotional support and have built $multi million businesses out of misled animal lovers who would save many more animals from suffering if they instead subscribed to those groups that actively help animals rather than those that whip peoples emotions into blind frenzy.

      Why do YOU believe this propaganda when there is so much out there that tells the real story about fur production. It is ridiculous to think that mainstream fur production advocates skinning animals alive it is just not true. It is ridiculous and very twisted logic to think that fur wearers hate animals. It is ridiculous to say that other forms of clothing as OK when very minimal research will show the horrendous habitat destruction and animal suffering caused by things such as cotton production and the even worse synthetic fibre industry.

      • Thanks Heather! Unfortunately Thetreekisser and his/her friends seem incapable of seeing both sides of the story. They accept everything PETA dishes out, without question, and never bother to do any real research of their own.

      • I will give recognition to the claim that you support fur because it’s green when you prove that you never use plastic, you’ve never touched styrofoam, nothing in your home is made from synthetic materials, and your t-shirts are solely hemp and bamboo threads from sustainable farms. I will happily apologize when I see photos of your wooden toothbrush, your trash cans made from recycled cardboard, your raccoon carcass carpet, and your technical devices that didn’t travel on a gas powered airplane/ship to get to you from Asia.

        Unless you are truly that hardcore devoted to greening your life, I can’t understand justifying murder for your warmth.

      • Of course you can’t understand, you are incapable of looking at the other side of the story. You’ve not made one convincing point since you began your comments, and if anything, you want me to wear fur even more. Good luck convincing 97% of North Americans that wearing and eating animals is bad.

        And no, I do not live a 100% green lifestyle, but at least I make efforts where I can. I am sure that you don’t either, in fact, I am sure thousands of animals die, and have their habitats destroyed for your fields of soy and your synthetic fabrics.

    • Ignore those 65+ negative comments you received, they all come from this sad lady’s (boring) tumblr. It’s fascinating how her little cult thinks that they will change your mind by throwing insults. Their cheap tactics are the equivalent of high school bullies, which is worrying when you see that it comes from grown woman like The Tree Kisser (so easy to find who links where on internet). Oh and for the record, Jessica from Tree Kisser is taking the plane right now… BAD BAD HIPPIE, don’t you know how anti-green you are?!?

  2. My favorite is your comment about your dog loving fur. wtf!

    Would you skin your dog and wear its fur for ‘fun’? Would that make you feel ‘glamorous’ and ‘cozy’?? I suspect it would make you feel cruel and violent and devastated.

    The arrogance of humans & this prevalent attitude of entitlement when it comes to animals is nauseating. It’s not about articles and research and ‘vegan crazy people’…it’s simply about our incredible selfishness & lack of respect for our fellow living creatures. Making a choice to NOT wear fur shows respect and compassion, as well as a commitment to a life of non-violence. Doing an ‘experiment’ like this says something about YOU, not about everyone else.

    If you wouldn’t be ok with someone doing it to you, your kid or your own pet why do you think it’s ok to do to any other living creature?

    • My dog also likes meat, is that bad? Or shall I turn her into a vegetarian?

      Making a choice to wear fur and support the fur industry in Canada shows respect and compassion for the people working in the trade, many of those who have been involved in it for thousands of years.

      • Haha. Your dog eats food (that you control) to survive…that’s kind of different than saying she ‘loves fur’, as if she’s totally cool with being skinned and sold, or she can’t wait to go out and drop 10k on a new fur coat.

        I’d love to meet someone who has been working in the fur industry for THOUSANDS of years – that’s a very old person! In the past, people caught, killed, ate and skinned animals for SURVIVAL because we didn’t have ELECTRICITY!! They didn’t waste any part of the animals, and the skins were literally used to survive the cold. That is quite different from running factory fur farms so you can sell 1000 snakeskin purses at 2k each.

        It’s obvious you want to wear fur, but the fact that you are trying to use others to justify your own choice is what I find to be bothersome. Saying ‘your dog loves it’, and that for 100 days nobody approached you or got violent towards you and therefore it must be ok because no one else apparently had a problem with it, or that you’re doing it as a show of ‘support’ for the fur trade workers…that’s all trying to pass the buck to other people for something that is YOUR choice – not your dog’s, not the random people you meet on the street, not the fur workers. YOURS. And if your choice is that fashion is more valuable to you than the lives of the creatures you kill in the process, that’s totally up to you (and I don’t mean that snidely, I mean it genuinely). So educate yourself and then take responsibility for your own decision.

        PS – I’m sure the people in working in the fur trade, to whom you pledge such allegiance and respect, are thanking you & laughing all the way to the bank.

      • The fur trade workers most definitely are not laughing all the way to the bank. Most of them are modest farmers or trappers, not millionaires driving around in Rolls Royces and wearing Russian sable coats. Farmers and people living of the land rarely “laugh all the way to the bank.”

        And yes, it is my choice, but I have also tried to encourage others to wear fur too. We need clothing to survive, and we need warm coats in the winter. We have several choices about what to wear in the winter, and as far as I am concerned, fur is the best choice. Wool is not as warm, not as long lasting, and is no less friendly to animals. Cashmere is too expensive and needs to be shipped from across the world. Synthetics, are made from petro chemicals, which are not renewable, good for the environment, or local. So basically, we have a few choices. If one of those choices, fur, involves killing a few animals, but sustains a local industry, ensures that the habitat of the fur bearers is protected (one third of our furs in Canada are wild), is biodegradable, long-lasting, and is a sustainable resources, then as far as I am concerned, those benefits outweigh the death of the animals.

        And as far as my dog is concerned, she loves her fur bed and she loves her fox and coyote tails that she plays with. I’d rather give her something that is natural over a plastic toy.

      • Lester, no problem with killing dogs, just as PETA about the dogs they kill in their animal shelters cos they are too expensive to keep and try and re-house…ohhh, didn’t you know about that one….sorry, just another Hypocritical thought!

      • Hey um… Xfsauz (nice name by the way), Where are PETA’s animal shelters? Can you provide literature from a credible source to elaborate on this statement? I tried to find info but came up with nothing. I’d really like to know what you are referencing. Thanks!

  3. A great blog, and it shows that fur wearing is warm and vital in cold areas. As carbon taxes slowly erode electricity, gas and fuel prices we may choose to not heat our homes as much but instead use different materials as personal insulation. I think we can see that a house not buring greenhouse gases but occupents warm with natural insulation just makes sense…..a great job.

    • The Chinese eat dog, and while I don’t choose to eat dog, I don’t see how you are the position to criticize them. And I mostly buy vintage fur, as I can’t afford new, but when I do buy new, I buy Canadian fur, or Origin Assured, which guarantees that the fur comes from an ethical source.

      And also, “most” fur is not mislabeled. Most fur come from North American and Scandinavia, and is sold in reputable furriers, who can identify a type of fur from miles off. They don’t sell dog and cat fur.

      • Have you ever heard about the “ethical” way the Japanese kill dolphins? Or the “ethical” way that Bernie Madoff managed hedge funds? Or the “ethical” way that Nike used to make their shoes? Or the “ethical” way that the tobacco industry makes products for “consenting adults?”

        Much fur production relies on self regulation by the producers of fur and voluntary compliance. And we all know how self regulation and voluntary compliance works out (Please refer to Wall Street and the financial services industry and banks and the global financial meltdown that is probably fresh in the minds of your readers).

        “The U.S. contains the Fur Products Labeling Act, which requires proper labeling on products containing fur. However, the law currently allows fur products under $150 to remain unlabeled. There is a pending bill which would close this loophole. Further, the Dog and Cat Fur Protection Act prohibits the import, export and sale of dog and cat fur in the U.S. However, animal protection organizations allege that because of the current loophole in the federal law, dog and cat fur is able to enter the U.S. and remain undetected on garments.”

        You have a well developed ability to put your “ethical” blinders. Keep it up, because if you ever open your eyes to the truth about your fur then it’s going to be a shocker.

  4. Thank you again for your blog. I really do plan to share this with as many people I know as evidence for why we should speak up when we see something that bothers us. I saw a girl at the grocery store last week with some animal tail dangling off her key chain. Based on her interactions with the grocery clerk she seemed like a really nice chick. I regret not trying to at least talk to her. You have made your mind up that is clear and you will have no shortage of support from the dying industry you aim to revive.

    • “Dying industry” Do you look at the catwalk shows? There is fur everywhere. The media is reporting on this like crazy. Fur auctions are charging record prices as the demand is SO high for pelts. I hardly think this industry is dying.

      • Oh, and one last thing. If Yasmine would just admit that she’s a lobbyist for the Canadian fur industry then this ridiculous blog/experiment would make more sense. This whole thing reeks of a conflict of interest. Good information never comes from someone who stands to make money off of the results of an “experiment.” Hope you have warm, furry dreams tonight ladies.

      • I am not a lobbyist, but the Fur Council of Canada is involved in this blog, which we have made no effort to hide by putting links to their website in our About and Contact pages. I should also point out that I was the one who contacted the Fur Council and asked them if I could work for them or help them in some way. It is a cause I believe in, just like you believe in calling my decision to support a Canadian industry “mindless.”

        And FYI, the FCC is a non-profit organization, so no, we aren’t “making money” off this.

    • Dying industry? ohh Laura, vegan living is really too sad for me if it means not looking at catwalk shows. But I’m pretty sure you conveniently ignore that the majority of designers are using fur. And we are not talking cheap Chinese fur.. Here is a nice piece of information for you:

      “(designers) did their due diligence, they are satisfied with their suppliers, the ethical questions were asked and answered”


      • Why should I care what designers say or what is on the cat walk? There are bigger issues in life. Do you really live for fashion week? How pathetic.

      • The point is not about “living for fashion week.” The point is that nearly ALL of the major designers are putting fur on their runways. And there is this thing called the trickle down theory, where the catwalks dictate what everyone else wears (or most other people.) So whether you are watching the catwalk (one word, by the way) shows doesn’t matter, what Janet is trying to say, or rub in your face, is that there is fur all over the place, way more than previous seasons. Which means good news for us! FUR IS BACK IN FASHION.

  5. Yasmine, a very significant percentage of the population have compassionate views and feelings and find humans wearing fur to be very objectional. A very small percentage will speak up about it, unfortunately. Perhaps made it 100 days without hearing feedback, but you undoubtedly made many people feel uncomfortable.

    Far worse though is the possibility that your efforts to promote fur as fashionable will be successful and will cause tremendous pain, abuse and suffering for so many creatures. Why would you put so much effort into hurting the defenseless?

  6. I’m saddened by your inability to be so unaware of the suffering and negative consequences of your fashion “decision.” But worse is your blog encouraging others to follow your lead. Do people give you dirty looks when you throw your cigarette butts and Coke cans out the window while driving? Because you seem like the kind of selfish, arrogant, short-sighted jerk who would do those things too. I heard Gucci is selling Golden Retriever paws keychains this Spring that you can attach to your monogram purse. You should totally get one.

      • Calling yourself a fashionista is funny. I looked at your pictures and figure that wool would suit you far better than fur, as you appear to be a fashion sheep. Did you check with in with Anna Wintour before starting this little homework assignment? Oh and also, Diet Coke makes you fat too. Look it up Danielle Boone.

      • Guideline of how to be the Ultimate Vegan:
        1) Try to convert EVERYBODY to follow your lifestyle
        2) Confrontation is key.
        3) Insert the words “tortured”, “innocent”, “murder” before or after “cute”, “cuddly”, “animal”
        4) If that doesn’t work, pitch in a weak empty threat like “I would throw paint on you” (ouhhhhh!!!! scary!)
        5) If that doesn’t work, add a very VERY bad joke. You probably won’t have the ability to think about something clever, so please visit Peta’s or HSUS websites for easy copy/paste. My favorite “wool would suit you far better than fur, as you appear to be a fashion sheep”

        By any means do not engage in intelligent discussion, stay in the emotional level. If you read an argument you cannot respond to, please urgently switch from tactics #2, #3 and #4 repetitively.

        (God who know that trying to convert 95%+ of the population to your lifestyle is not an easy task!)

      • But what is easy is to follow the masses. It’s hard to look at yourself and the impact your life has on others. Better yet just drink your diet coke while you sit alone at home watching Project Runway on Friday night.

      • Janet. I’m not trying to convert “everybody.” I’m responding to a specific person who felt the need to put up a disgusting blog encouraging people to support an industry that I feel is reprehensible. I believe that you attack people with conviction who make tough choices because it feels bad to be without it. I know because I used to make mindless “decisions” all day every day about what I ate and what I wore and what I bought, but I’m happy to say that I’m making less and less and less of them each day. If it’s wrong to think about the consequences of your decisions then I’m wrong. But if it’s not? What then?

      • And while you are at it, just mention PETA, an organisation that kills animals itself because they are too expensive to re-house, AND then, it goes and dumps them in the trash bins!!! FACT.
        And – vegan does NOT equal thin people, plenty of vegans can and do overeat as well.
        And – respect choice….you are not trying to save the World, just your own ideology which unfortunately for you a lot of people do NOT share it…..bit like Hitler really.

      • Yes, but then I’d lead a sad life void of snakeskin bags, fillet steaks, calf skin boots, mink coats, and brie. I’d be so bored, I’d probably end up spending my time going onto fur websites and criticizing other people’s life choices, because I was so depressed by my own.

    • Right on Jesse my friend!!! Yasmine, not to disappoint you, if you ever show up in SF, I would throw paint on you.

      • I really hope that would be vegan paint, 1bonnsus, just water and red ochre perhaps, and carried in a clay pot, or paper bag. Because if you are thinking of the kind you buy in the shop, then shame on you. Land raped and pillaged to obtain the tin to keep it in, synthetic dyes in a thick sludge of toxic hydrocarbon horrors that originates from the oil industry; an idustry that destroys and poisons vast tracts of what was once beautifull land, and pollutes the air with carcinogens; An industry that causes suffering and death to countless millions of wild creatures as well as humans and their children.
        Ok, maybe the paint is already made. so there is not a lot you can do about that. But at least have the wisdom to use it for what it was intended instead of mindlessly throwing it over somebody just to vent you’re own nasty streak of personal hatred, anger and outrage. Are you going to clean the pavement up after your little outburst, or are you happy to let some other poor sod have to spend hours doing it.

        And if you think it’s ok to destroy someone’s fur coat just because you don’t like it, does that mean you are fine with me smashing your cell phone because it contains Coltan, the mining of which has destroyed habitats and food chains the world over?
        Can I rip up any cotton clothing you have because I am so angry at the exploitation of child labour by the cotton industry. poor kids who will never know a life like we have, and who are forever trapped in a world of drudgery and poverty just so that we can have our comforts? Can I burn all your fancy synthetic clothing (because it sure as hell wont rot away) Because I disagree with the blatant misuse of a finite resource, as well as all the destruction to wildlife its manufacture has caused along the line? Are you OK with me blowing up your house so that the land can revert to the natural forest complete with free roaming wildlife that it used to be before it was concreted over for you, ?
        Every action has it’s consequences. You don’t seem to have the wisdom to seperate reality from emotion. I would say that Yasmine’s thoughts and actions leave you standing by a lifetime. She is aware where fur comes from. She has thought about it. She recognises that it is practical, sustainable and above all “natural”. Yes creatures die so that there is fur, but like it or not this is the way the world works. Every creature lives to give life , support and sustenance to every other creature on the planet. You and I would not be here if it weren’t so. I challenge you to start counting now the number of creatures that have died so that you can live now in the way you live. It makes no difference whether you are vegan, Buddhist or a Jane, things die so that you can live. There is nothing wrong with tah, in fact it is everything that is right. Counting them should keep you busy for the rest of your life which would be good because it would leave you no time to write the hair brained mindless tosh that you write here. You think you have thought about things, but you haven’t. You have just been told stuff which you believe because it supports your misplaced emotions. Get a life and start THINKING

  7. I freaking love this experiment! I am a big fan of fur since I had my first fur vest 2 winters ago, I wear it 24/7 from November to March. I even sleep with it and that guarantees me extra cuddling from my cat! Like Yasmine, I NEVER EVER had one negative comment or weird look. I just had lots of people LOVING my furs (because now I have quite a nice collection!) and wishing they had a piece. They borrow mine!
    People started asking me what I thought about Brigitte Bardot and Peta and that’s when I learned that a small group of people think that every single animal used by humans are abused/tortured animals. Can’t believe I never heard about those nutcases before!

  8. The simple fact is that if you were truly comfortable with your furry fashion choices, you wouldn’t give a flying fig what other people think. But you clearly do, which tells me that (1) you DO have a moral compass which is telling you that the choice you’ve made to wear fur might not be the right one but (2) rather than take responsibility for disregarding that nagging conscience, you’re looking to other people to validate your decision and (3) you’re really just looking for attention anywhere you can find it. Positive or negative, doesn’t really matter, so long as people acknowledge your existence. So congratulations on your success in garnering that attention – guess it doesn’t really matter how many animals had to die for you to earn it, right? Karma’s a bitch, doll.

    • I don’t care what you think, but it is my job to respond to at least a few of these comments. Although you are right, it is a pointless exercise, because the crazy vegans who think nasty comments on blog posts are going to change people’s minds about fur, are not open to what we have to say anyway. But any attention I can draw to this blog, is of course good. That is the whole purpose of it. So yes, you could say that ATOL is a bit of an attention whore. We want everyone to know and talk about us! And we are doing a pretty good job, amongst the crazy vegans at least!

  9. Having read your whole experiment, I will note I have looked at things seriously from both pro and anti fur sides. I don’t wear fur, but I have pelts for art reference. That said- not one of my pelts came from an animal who was killed for it’s fur. My pelts are all animals who were roadkilled or for the smaller pelts, killed by feral cats. I worked hands on learning to skin and preserve myself so I could fully decide. I listened to arguements of both sides. It’s 100% possible to get fur which is ethhically obtained from an animal who died naturally. It takes more looking, but they do exist. If you really want to wear fur, why not source natural death animals, vs supporting an industry which 1) is FAR removed from any traditional culture that you claim it is 2) provides limited stimulation for intelligent animals- try live in one room of your house for a year with no tv or internet to get an idea 3) may or may not treat the animals humanely/kill them quick and painlessly. When you are mass killing it’s hard to be accurate 100% of the time. I farm and sometimes need to kill gophers or voles which have got caught in machinery and are fatally injured rather then let them die slowly from their injuries… I’m just killing one or two animals at a time and I can miss occasionally… multiply that by a few hundred and you can garuntee not all die the first try. It’s very possible to support animal welfare and be pro-fur… but you need to be much more careful in your sourcing. How many of your fur pieces came from a farm you visited? Did you know most fur goes from the farmers/trappers to auction houses where it is graded and sold by colour and grade, NOT country of origin? Unless you buy direct from a local farm and see hands on how they operate you might be supporting an ok farm, or you could be supporting extreme cruelty. If you really want to argue this be an informed consumer.

    • Thanks for your comment. None of the furs I have came from a farm I visited, however, about 95% of my furs are vintage, the rest gifts. When I can buy new, I will most definitely consider the things you mentioned. This is why the labels Origin Assured and Beautifully Canadian exist, because it is impossible to personally trace the source of every piece of fur we buy, so we have to depend on someone to do it for us (just like when we buy free range chicken, we trust a label, we can’t visit a farm.)

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