100 Days of Fur: Update

Just to let you all know I will be taking a short break from my 100 Days of Fur experiment because I am going to Hawaii! I have a friend, former Western Editor of FASHION magazine, Rebecca Tay, who is going to be taking over for me while I am gone. She will be wearing fur for the 8 days that I will be wearing a bikini!

You can follow her experiences wearing fur here, and through her Twitter account.

10 thoughts on “100 Days of Fur: Update

  1. Take your Ugg (sheepskin/shearling/fur) boots with you and you’ll be wearing fur.

    Consider taking a beaver felt cowboy hat to protect you from the rain and sun and you’ll still be wearing more fur while in Hawaii!

  2. Can I just point out that ‘furisgreen.com’ is a load of crap!

    There are so many videos of animals being skinned alive on youtube in the name of fur, I highly doubt that peta and HSUS would got out of their way to skin over 40 animals alive just to prove a point, also Nigel Barker, a world known photographer took photographs of the sealing in Canada and witnessed first hand seals getting skinned alive, so the story on furisgreen about a man being asked to skin a seal alive is questionable.

    ‘mink are put in a box and gassed.. they pass out in 10 seconds and die in 1 minute’, youtube mink gassing, you can watch the man walk down the aisle the mink are panicking as he comes to them, he puts them all in the same box, therefore they will be put in the same box as dead and unconscious mink, therefore causing more panic!
    And how can you say that is humane? Jewish people were gassed in WW2… is that humane? Would you like to be gassed so someone could parade around wearing your skin?
    Why can’t you wear fake fur instead of real?
    Instead of looking online at what you want to see maybe you should look for the truth. You clearly know that wearing fur is inexcusable, otherwise you wouldn’t have made this blog to try and defend your reasons.

    Also have you seen the video on furisgreen on the mink farm? The animals are in small metal cages, mink are semi aquatic, they obviously can’t swim on the farm as that would damage their pelts, that’s not exactly animal friendly. ‘Our mink are happy for us to hold them’ – that’s why the farmers are wearing thick leather gloves and the mink looks extremely uncomfortable.
    The animals have to live ‘happily’ as they would pull their fur out if they were too stressed, but living in a metal cage is not how any animal should live.
    The website also goes on to say how useful the rest of a mink is after the fur, when was the last time you saw mink, chinchilla, rabbit, dog, raccoon, cat or fox products on the shelves of 7/11 or whole foods? Never. The website only talks about mink farming it seems to forget that so many other animals are part of the fur production, foxes are electrocuted, anally. Humane? Cats and dogs are skinned alive in china. – as are lots of animals used in fur, if your fur comes from China. ‘The animal would move too much if it was skinned alive, therefore ruining the pelt’ – if you can bare to watch a video of an animal being skinned alive you will see the pelt is not ruined.
    There is no humane way to kill an animal. As there is no humane way to kill a human. All killing methods include a large amount of stress, panic and extreme fear.

    You should grow a heart and give your fur to an animal shelter for abandoned animals as they need it a LOT more than your wardrobe does.

    • Just like the animal shelters run by PETA in the past….they look after them for …oooohhh a few weeks and then have them euthanised cos they cost PETA too much money to keep….FACT
      Hypocrisy abounds everywhere.

      • yes because humans can’t seem to understand that breeding dogs/cats/rabbits etc for pets is wrong as a majority of them go to shelters, not just peta euthanise the animals they get. Most shelters do. It’s not petas fault that humans are too incompetent to stop breeding animals for pets.
        Also being euthanised by injection is a lot more humane than being gassed or electrocuted after living a miserable life in a cage just so someone can parade around in the animals skin.
        Peta doesn’t collect unwanted pets just to kill them for fashion.
        Don’t blame Peta for human ignorance

      • How do you know what type of euthanization is most humane? Have you done studies? Death by carbon monoxide (or “gassed” as you like to call it) is a very peaceful way for an animal to die. And the Humane Society fought for electrocution to be used in farming, that is why this is the most popular way to kill larger animals. It is the most humane in industry.

        I don’t understand how you can compare killing “extra” animals that don’t have homes, and whose bodies just get discarded, to killing animals for fur, which is an important industry, provides jobs, and is an alternative to wool and synthetics. There is no comparison there.

        And you should check the PETA statistics on http://www.petakillsanimals.org. While I agree that not all “rescued” animals can be found homes, PETA’s statistics for placing animals in homes are appalling compared to shelters. They spend all their money hiring celebrities to pose nude, instead of actually helping animals.

      • We know it is inhumane because of videos like this, yasminelovesfur: http://youtu.be/kp9L10A-FNg

        Please tell me how that terror and the act of putting live dogs on top of dead dogs in the gassing chamber is humane?  These dogs know those dogs are dead and they know they are dying momentarily, too.  HOW THE FUCK IS THIS HUMANE?  

        You ignorant fur-loving diva, get educated before you go spouting propaganda.  Watch the video.  Educate yourself.  

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