100 Days of Fur: Day 34

To read the full story on the 100 Days of Fur experiment, click here.

My rabbit bomber jacket layered under an old army parka.

Sometimes you need the combination of warmth and waterproof, and fur is not always a great option when you need something waterproof, which is why I’ve taken to layering fur in these situations.

I have an old rabbit fur bomber jacket which looks great but is not in the best of conditions. My German army parka, bought in a market in London, is great for warmth and it keeps out the wet (and has a million pockets and a giant hood.) Sometimes I like to layer the rabbit bomber jacket underneath the army parka, so I get the benefits of both. The giant collar on the bomber jacket also acts as a scarf. I’ve worn this combination in Stockholm in the winter (including the coldest weekend of the year, a while back), and it keeps me very warm. Yay to fur!

Also, I had some very nice comments last week (including a guy stopping me in the street to say “Nice jacket!” about my sapphire mink.) I managed to convince my vegetarian friend, who was visiting from England, that fur wasn’t as bad as he had thought (and I had him try my sheared beaver scarf on a walk, he was impressed.)

But… I also had my first somewhat negative comment about fur, although it was hardly that bad. When I was at the gas station, the cashier commented on the fox tails hanging off my bag. Her exact words were “Cool! Cruel…but cool!” So if that is the worst I am going to get during these 100 days… then I am fine with that. (By the way, we are one third the way through the experiment!)

Have a warm, wonderful, furry holiday season!


3 thoughts on “100 Days of Fur: Day 34

  1. Of course you’re hardly receiving negative comments to your face while wearing fur. People are afraid of confronting someone who is clearly okay with contributing to violence and suffering for vanity. I can assure you you’ve walked by people who felt sadness in their hearts and compassion for the 40+ animals killed for one coat.

  2. Contributing to violence? Perhaps you’d like to elaborate on that. What is violent about raising an animal in a happy, stress-free environment and feeding them well, then killing them by carbon monoxide poisoning or electrocution (the method used in most food farming, which the Humane Society supports as the most ethical way to kill animals) How is that violent?

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