100 Days of Fur: Day 28

To read the full story on the 100 Days of Fur experiment, click here.

My two beautiful fox tails.

I have had some fox tails lying around for a few years, so I asked the master furrier at Pappas Furs, to turn them into something more practical. He attached some loops onto both of them, and now I am hanging them off my bag. I may try them on something else as well, any ideas? Too big to be earrings! I also dug out an old fur shoulder bag I have, which I am toying with wearing, although it sheds like crazy (yes, my furs are not all as luxurious as I would like…) So one day when I am not wearing dark colour, I may bring it out.

The fox tails hanging off my bag.

As I wore the fox tails dangling from my handbag yesterday, I realized I was nervous. Nervous that some crazy activist would try and tear them off my bag. And then I realized how wrong those feelings were… Firstly, there are very few people who would have the guts to do something like that. They have no idea how I would react (which would be a screaming fit and then a frenzy and possibly violence if they were within hitting distance, followed by a lawsuit…) Secondly, why should I feel nervous about wearing something I love? Why should anybody, especially a silly person who thinks synthetic fabrics made from petro-chemicals are better for the environment than fur, be allowed to intimidate me or make me feel nervous about what I am wearing? They shouldn’t. And that is what I am out to prove with this experiment, we are one quarter of the way through, and I have had nothing but compliments on my fur collection.

My shedding fur bag.

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