100 Days of Fur: Day 24

To read the full story on the 100 Days of Fur experiment, click here.

Wearing fur for the past 24 days has been a real pleasure, as I find myself showered with compliments every time I wear my fur pieces. Of course there is a downside to the experiment, the fact that I am limited to a few pieces and I have a very beautiful collection of non-fur coats that are feeling quite neglected right now. But aside from that, I have been feeling very warm and glamorous over the past few weeks.

In my very warm mystery fur coat. It might be beaver, it might be nutria.

Last week I went to the opening of the Louis Vuitton party in Vancouver, to celebrate their new retail space, and the party was a festival of fur! If anyone says fur is dead, they are wrong, as the beavers, minks and foxes were out in full force. (I am hoping to post photos later this week, if I can get my hands on a few.)

I have also been enjoying telling people about the 100 Days of Fur experiment, and why I am doing it. I can’t believe how bad a reputation the fur trade has gotten in the past few years. So many people are ignoring the eco benefits of the fur industry: it is sustainable, it is local, and fur is biodegradable as well as long-lasting. These are the types of qualities many so-called environmentalists have been looking for in fashion fabrics, yet many tend to ignore the benefits of fur. I am so happy to be able to educate people on the fur industry, and thrilled when I change opinions.

Just a reminder for the rest of you, here is a list of the many reasons why fur is green.

  • The fur industry supports people living close to the land
  • Fur is biodegradable
  • Fur can be reconditioned over and over again, making it the ultimate recyclable garment
  • Fur lasts a long time, most people don’t buy a new coat every year
  • Fur is sustainable: all the animals killed are in abundance
  • Fur is local: animals are raised in Canada, caught and processed by Canadians, and sold by Canadian companies
  • The Fur Industry employs many Canadians who live in areas far North where there are very few jobs and prospects

7 thoughts on “100 Days of Fur: Day 24

  1. I’m seeing a common theme here. You keep talking about people “showering” you with compliments when you wear fur. You do it to feel good. I guess when the fur is not on nobody gives you a second glance.

    • It is incredibly mature to start on personal insults. Well done Laura, I thought after your email you were actually one of those people who tried to win your cause diplomatically, with facts, not by idiotic comments like the one above.

  2. I thought so too but I can’t help it. It’s just so nauseating. You seem like such a smart person. Clearly educated and resourceful. I cannot understand how someone like that could be so cruel. I should have read all your posts. It is not an idiotic comment. It’s an astute observation. You repeatedly talk about getting compliments and attention for the furs. Ask yourself why that is. Why do you need that?

    • The purpose of the experiment, which you clearly have not understood, was to document the reactions I got from wearing fur. So of course I am going to write about the positive, and the negative. And the only negative I have gotten is crazy vegans commenting on this site.

      And thanks, you’ve obviously managed to notice one thing correctly. I AM smart. And I will continue to use my “smarts” to support this industry as best I can.

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